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Aug 16, 2007

I played at the Black Jack PartyHours this month, the 21st between 18.00 and 19.00 ET.

I began to play exactly at 18.00 ET and played until 18.30 ET.

I had several natural BJs. My bonus winnings from that would acumulate to 81,50 Euro.

I know only the first 1500 nat. BJs are paid 2 to 1, but when I asked today, why I got NO extra winnings, they said I had NO nat. BJ in the first 1500.

I know, I had my first BJ at 18.01 or 18.02. Can this really be true ?

Any experience ?

I played SINGLE deck Black Jack, but I asked the support if this counts too and they confirmed.

Someone who played there too this month ?


It would be helpful if you mentioned the casino in question.
Sorry, it was
Party Casino
of course.

Yes, I'm sure of the time. And until now, they confirmed, that I had all that nat. BJs in the right time.

But maybe, all 1500 BJs are won after 20 seconds ???

Would be nice to know, if someone received winnings and then to figure out when they stopped paying (at 1500 BJs)...
I too had a similar issue to you in a previous month. I started play on the promotional day in question at 11pm GMT. I had a number of Blackjacks and assumed I would receive a bonus on my account. I did not receive one, and so queried it with CS. They told me all 1500 BJs were hit in the first few minutes. I do find this surprising.

Assuming a BJ rate of 0.0483 per hand and the player plays 10 hands per minute - notice these are very liberal estimates - 622 players would need to be playing BJ at the start of the happy hour for 1500 BJs to be won in the first five minutes. I am fairly certain I got some BJs in the first five minutes.

I played at ITV Casino, though I think all the Partycasino Casinos would be involved.

for me the same.

I KNOW, I hit my first BJ 2 min after promo begin. Got nothing...

They should call it BJ Party Second instead of Hour !!!

They are NOT WILLING to answer me, when the last winning BJ was hit.

And the worsed thing is, that in my game history for that time, ALL time stamps are WRONG.

Poser I will send them a note on this for ya.
Afew years back everytime I needed anything from them I got ahold of a great guy that worked for them Satya.and he was great in anything I needed.Let me see if I still have that pull :lolup:
Let me see what I can do for ya.
I bet it will be afew days for this.
I still promote them in away but things have changed.

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