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brayn, hi my name is damian , u seem to have all the answer , plus someone from my forum say u know about them, Do u think i should have a banner on my site and are they crooks, i have played there, never could win , didnt think any thing was wrong, but a few times got other peopel email showing there account info. i know that was a computer mistake.

Thanks for your time hommie

You can take the man out of the hood , but u cant take the hood out of the man.
Yo bro'

Computers run amok at BD?? Perhaps...

Blackdog casino belongs to a group of casinos powered by Diamond Digital Systems Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) There was a serious complaint last month by a player who had been accused of manipulating the games; he had opened several slot games at the same time. For some reason, he would win at the first pull and then close the game, play the next-win-close it and go on. He did this for 1400 times or so and the casino deemed it void, since he wasn't playing a normal game :wtf:

Now this was at Winnersplay and Digital betting. There was a bug somewhere in the software which they fixed. Julie Sidwell at Gambling Grumbles has also dealt with a recent problem that seems similar. In cases like this, the software should be scrutinized a bit more.

Running a "Blackdog Casino" banner on your website, you should be aware of these issues since players may ask you whazup wi' dat dissin' shit hommie!

I must comment that I am in complete agreement with mrracetrack's assessment, Bryan! Many times I have wisely said nothing regarding not so much the content but the... configuration of some of the posts here. Then I remind myself "some of these same people are winning,Allzfair. Whereas, YOU are not!" 'tis money that is the great leveler, Gentlemen.

Hey, ah'm koohl..! ;) /

And not unlike those ponderous tales that great Uncle So-and-So loves to relate to any captive audience, if you can manage to hack your way through the underbrush, there is oftentimes an rosebud on the other side.
I wished I had read this before I stuck my money into this casino.The machine's have to be rigged their is not a snowballs change in hell of winning at this casino.
Not to mention if you do start winning the software frezzes up on you..Like you said what's up with this shit.someone needs to expose this casino fer sure.

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