BJ tourneys at RTG sites longer


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Apr 9, 2010
Hi all-- I don't know how many of you play tournament blackjack, but it is my game of choice and there are not many places to play it. I was happily playing at CWC until yesterday when I logged in and you could no longer access the BJ tourneys. The player base for the BJ came from many different casinos.

To be honest I'm upset that there was no notification to the players of this change, they had to know it was coming. I spent money to qualify for a tourney that takes place next week, that I'm not going to be able to play...unless I deposit more money at another casino
does anyone have any experience with this site? (I didn't see them on your list)

I hate having to make another deposit, when I have a 100 bucks sitting at CWC that I don't know how I'm going to get out with out going in the hole to get I feel ripped---even though I'm ""up", I feel ripped. Is is right? Do you think that their offer to transfer my points and my seat to this other site is fair? The offer came from 21gnet, since CWC decided not to answer my e-mails concerning this issue. (leaves a bad taste with me for CWC) ..also seems like since this happened I'm reading alot of negative RTG stuff.
But who's the bad guy here?? Is it 21gnet or CWC ? I don't even know who to be upset with. Maybe this is an omen to just get dressed and take my gambling down the street to the Hard Rock, but I do prefer playing right here at home where I can play in my underwear and smoke without bothering anybody.:lolup: Or maybe it's an omen -- that this is just more trouble than it's worth considering all the fees and what not associated with withdrawing.
Any advice for me?? I earned this seat, but now I have to deposit at another unfamiliar casino in order to play my seat? This just doesn't seem right to me. Please advise ..has anyone else been in a situation like this?
Thanks for your time in reading my babble and thanking you in advance for any responses....Have a great day all:)


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May 29, 2004
I got an email last week from iNetbet saying that BJ tourneys were going, but it went into my Spam filter so I only just saw it.


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Oct 14, 2004
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I got an email last week from iNetbet saying that BJ tourneys were going, but it went into my Spam filter so I only just saw it.

All very well, but NO excuse for this lack of PROPER notification to players who meet relevant criteria in the expectation of qualifying for an event the following week/month etc, only to find it cancelled AFTER they have made the effort to qualify. The new RTG lobby used by CWC is more than capable of delivering up to date promotional material to players, so WHY was this IMPORTANT change not there for all to see, so that players did NOT try to qualify for a non existent event the following week?

Why also is there an offer to transfer the seat to another casino:confused: Surely if these tournaments have gone, they have gone, regardless of which casino is being used.