Bizarre WhiteClub Email


Beach Bum
Jan 9, 2008
Just Across the Hudson River
Hello, bryan!
Our world has changed a lot for the recent months of economic crisis. A lot of things that seemed to be stable just fell to pieces. Surprisingly one of the main reasons of such complicated situation has become so called crisis of trust.
With the first signs of alarm people lost trust towards banks and began to withdraw their deposits, banks stopped giving credits to each other on the same reason, sellers brought up the policy of prepaid sales.
The situation has become worse because of the fact that in a moment of danger everybody would think only about themselves and would stop carrying out their commitments.
Nobody trusts anybody anymore. Yesterdays friends and partners scatter in all directions like a flock of gazelle at the sight of a tiger.
It is interesting that in Chinese language the word crisis consist of two hieroglyphs: The first one means danger and the second turning point. We see any crisis like time to mobilize for action, an opportunity for goal-setting and finding new ways of reaching it.
When the future is vaguely, more time can be devoted to the present this is what we all lacked in the crazy rush of recent years. We cant predict the end of crisis and what the future has prepared for us, but we can live now and here and realize the uniqueness of every single day!
We can enjoy every minute, cup of tea, friends call. We can devote more time to our children, who grow so fast, to our dear parents, friends, colleagues. It is so easy, but at the same time so important to say Thank you, have a nice day! to a cashier in a shop, to send a message with three major words.
And in that way any crisis wouldnt cause any trouble, because people whom you trust would be near you.
Thank you for your trust, we are sure that everything is going to be fine!
We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
P.S. FOR US PLAYERS. In all over the world grows the popularity of online poker. WHITECLUB can't stay aside and soon we are going to start a poker-room.
We have prepeared couple questions in order to optimize our poker-room. After answering the questions you'll receive a gift of $20 after the project start:
- whether you will play club poker within the bounds of project WHITECLUB? (Yes, No )
-Your wishes of poker-club WHITECLUB (to fill not necessarily).