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Feb 25, 2018
Hi newbie have posted only twice. Not sure if this is tge right place for this thread please correct me if im wrong.
I was a player at bitstarz casino from 2016 to the end of 2017 when i was banned by my vip manager for excessive gambling. The manager stated that it had gotten to the point that he could no longer keep my account open as i had displayed too many times i was obviously a problem gambler.

This was done on a Monday after i had played through just over 10k in 2 days and i knew i was due a cash back on the friday so i emailed him stating i had played through x amount of dollars and i desperately needed to recoup and could he pay my friday cashback early, which wouldve been roughly 8% of my weekly deposits and an arrangement had been made the year before, when the same thing had happened, that i would not have a wager to do it would be simply a loyalty cashback.

My question, is between the time of starting to play there and him eventually closing my account i had displayed numerous times that i needed to recoup my losses, I had emailed him so many times saying i was distressed, i had to recoup etc.

It was quite obvious there was a serious gambling problem for quite some time but bitstarz continued to accept my deposits. Then after doing the 10k plus in 2 days (not the first time) and then AGAIN displaying an obvious gambling problem he closed my account on the monday even after me practically begging him to wait until friday so i could withdraw my loyalty bonus and try to recoup something.

At what point does a vip manager say you have a gambling problem? As i mentioned i have atleast 20 emails at various times during having my account with bitstarz, stating i was in desperate need of getting my money back and was very indicative of a severe gambling problem. I would think it would be very early on, not after they have allowed thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to be deposited. The first time i displayed signs of a gambling problem was in September 2016 again after depositing over 10k in a few days (this is when i was offered the no wager 8%loyalty bonus). And numerous times between then and October 2017 when he eventually closed my account. How could a casino seeing these emails etc be upholding responsible gaming and then still continue to allow the account to be open for another 13 months. I did lodge a complaint with the other mob who unsurprisingly sided with the casino. Anyone have any comments on this? Happy to provide email screenshots etc via pm thank you for reading
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Jan 20, 2004
I think what we're talking about here is two different things: when faced with a player exhibiting probable signs of gambling addiction
  1. what can a good VIP manager do, or
  2. what must a casino casino staff person do.
As you've said a good manager would have flagged it, raised the point and possibly taken some pre-emptive action early on.

But what the casino must do is an entirely different thing. For the most part it boils down to not taking action until you say the magic words "gambling addiction" or otherwise declare yourself to be out of control, usually in writing.

To some extent you need too understand the casino's position too. They're a business making profit by taking money from gamblers. Their argument is who are they to say what you should or should not be doing, unless you say the magic words.

Over the years I've heard gamblers say a lot of things that could be taken as indication of a gambling problem but there were only a very few cases where pre-emptive action would have turned out to have been the right thing to do.

The bottom line is that people need to take responsibility for their actions too -- which is not at all an attempt to say casinos can shirk their responsibilities -- and if that means learning to be explicit about a gambling problem then that's what it means. People cannot expect the casinos to be mind readers especially when it's in the casino's financial interest to not be.
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