Flushing Correction Bitstarz will not flush withdrawal


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Jul 27, 2011
Disappointed as this is one of the main reasons I signed up to bitstarz. According to support this feature is not available.

Withdrawals certainly aren't blazing fast either. For some reason they wanted a picture of me holding my ID in addition to the bank statements, IDs, utility bills, etc that have already been approved. Seems like stalling to me
Hmmm. They are strict on their weird rules sometimes, especially when I had to argue to be verified without a mail utility bill. Havent had any mail for 5 years unless its fake credit card offers or 2 for 1 deals on local lebanese cheap pizzas. But bitstarz are the fastest ever for withdrawals?! Never stalled me in 40 withdrawals. Send them a bice selfie and enjoy your winnings? Its annoying I know :)
I know Bitstarz for many years. They are one of the fastest paying casinos. No matter the amount if fully verified you get your money usually in less than 15 Minutes. I never had to wait longer than an hour.

Bitstarz is one of the few casinos i never need to flush because they pay super fast. If there's a problem ask Olle, i think he's the rep here, he can always help!
In the end it took roughly 72 hours for verification and withdrawal was processed on a Sunday so gotta give them credit for the weekend withdraw. Overall can't complain about the experience. The non flushing sucked but its my own fault for not having the will power to not reverse.
It does not matter about will power if any casino does not have lockwithdraw or flush, I will never play at any of them takes way longer to get paid, because they want you to reverse, then they have this fuckin bullshit safe gambling crap on there big long story. Bullshit.

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