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Jun 30, 1998
Bitstarz casino has passed their BBF litmus test and is now Accredited here at Casinomeister.

Scoring an impressive 9 points out of 10 - mainly due to the fast payouts, relatively no reverse time, weekend processing, and locking withdrawals, you can check this out yourself here:

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Bitstarz is an award winning casino at Casinomeister
Hi guys,

It's such an honor to be accredited here :)

Thanks Bryan for giving us the opportunity and thanks to all the staff at CM as well as our amazing players who made this happen.

Yeah, that didn't sound like a lame acceptance speech at the Oscars....

Anywho, thank you guys, and I'm happy to help and answers questions in case there are any :)

Merry Xmas @BitStarz :)

Thank you to my new fave Casino for having a very speedy payment and live chat for being so professional and quick to respond :cheers:

:cheers: thank you so much for the kind words, Mina : )

Sorry not to be so speedy during the Holidays here, but I'm doing my best :D
I played a bit with the title, hope this one is okay? :)
I hate to be the one to bring this up but how does an online casino from Curacao become accredited when the Curacao Government has stated many times that all online casinos are operating illegally. Don’t get upset with me I’m just quoting this directly from the official Curacao government website. I can provide links if anyone is interested.
No, no, not again :laugh:

Why don't you just copy and paste the relevant text from the government website where it says the casinos are operating illegally?

I'm not a big fan of curacao casinos btw and the set up there, but to me it's with the curacao govt's consent, I believe they receive money from issuing the master licences, maybe even tax from the revenue earned by sub licencee casinos - who knows?
The Senate approved on 19 February 2019 the Draf Bill on Old / Expired Link. As a result, it will become possible to apply for a license for the purpose of offering online gambling. It is currently still illegal to offer such games. The exact date on which the Remote Gambling act will enter into force or when it will be possible to apply for a licence is not yet known.
But that's holland [the netherlands] curacao is supposedly an autonomous country within the kingdom of the netherlands. You said above that the curacao govt had stated many times it is illegal, and that you were quoting directly from their official website, then when I ask for a copy and paste of this text, you send a link to the netherlands gambling authority site. It's not the same thing, I wish it was...for some strange reason the dutch monarch/establishment have let it, curacao, go this way many years ago, perhaps to provide an income to the island [or perhaps for other reasons :rolleyes: ]

From wikipedia

The four countries mentioned in the Charter today are the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten. The Charter stipulates that the Netherlands is governed according to the provisions of the Constitution for the Kingdom of the Netherlands and that Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten are governed according to their respective Basic Laws

The dutch have kept some control over these islands but not regarding gambling, more areas like foreign policy and defence, I don't know how the dutch establishment got away with it, not sure it would wash in the uk if the isle of man, gibraltar etc.. had a similar gambling set up to curacao, pressure would be brought to bear, because otherwise your condoning consumers being ripped off.

Another interesting aspect is that between curacao and the EU

Six territories of the Netherlands—all of which are Caribbean islands—have OCT status. As such, they benefit from being able to have their own export and import policy to and from the EU, while still having access to receive various EU funds (i.e. from the European Development Fund). The inhabitants of the islands are EU citizens owing to their Dutch citizenship, with the right to vote in elections to the European Parliament

To me that is wrong for them to receive EU funding while some casinos there rip off EU citizens and their govt doesn't lift a finger
I’m doing my research on the info you just posted but in the meantime I have a question for you. Should a casino that has official court judgments against them for illegally operating online casinos be allowed to have accredited status here on CM?
There's no way of taking curacao casinos to court as far as I understand :confused:...why do you make such a post and then not back it up with something, some details?

I've looked into the curacao casino 'scene' through google, no one's been able to lay a hand on them as far as I can tell, no govt, no organisation. A few independent minded journalists and dutch mp's have tried to raise it as an issue but to deaf ears it seems...the only way I can see change is for dutch/EU politicians and campaigners to keep bringing it up, to embarrass the authorities into taking action, but it's probably not without personal risk, in 2013 Helmin Wiels, leader of Curaçao’s largest party was murdered in broad daylight.

from the economist website:

The murder looks like a well planned professional hit. The gunfire was rapid and accurate. The killers picked a Sunday, when Mr Wiels, who was 54, moved without his usual bodyguards. An accomplice sped off with the assassin in a gold-coloured car.

The island, which lies 65km (40 miles) off the coast of Venezuela, is known for its breezy beaches, clear waters—and cocaine. It has become a stepping-stone for South American drugs, mostly bound for the United States or the Netherlands. The United States’ State Department reports that the island is unable to deal with “endemic drug-related crime, violence, and corruption

With a background in social work, Mr Wiels made his political name as a campaigner against corruption. Three days before his death he had threatened to expose alleged illegalities related to the sale of lottery tickets. On his weekly radio programme he regularly lashed out at his many political rivals, expatriates from the mainland Netherlands, alleged crime syndicates and even the United States’ counter-narcotics operation, whose aircraft are based at the island’s international airport.

Mr Wiels' party favours full independence from the Netherlands, but as a fairly distant future goal. Ronald Plasterk, the Dutch cabinet minister responsible for Kingdom relations, said after his death that Mr Wiels had been “the most powerful man in Curaçao.”

Since the break-up of the Netherlands Antilles federation in 2010, Curaçao has handled its own affairs as a free and equal component of the Kingdom. A few weighty matters such as foreign affairs and defence are managed by a Kingdom Council, where the Dutch cabinet sits with representatives of Curaçao, Aruba and the Dutch half of the island of St Maarten.

[bear in mind the curacao online gambling setup pre-dates 2010 by many years, and you can begin to see the problem]

....Some Curaçaoans wonder if there is a coded message in the way that five bullets were fired at 5pm on the fifth day of the fifth month. Most just want an end to the current uncertainties.
I don’t know why you keep filling up this thread with all of this nonsense that has nothing to do with what we are talking about. Instead of filling this thread up by pasting so much unrelated info here is a link to official government website page where the court order is filed.
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List of illegal online gambling operators

22-11-2019 No. NLV-36

(registration date and No.)

22-11-2019 Order No. DIE-652 and No. DIE-678

(Order of the Director of the Gaming Control Authority

under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania

establishing list additions and updates)

(date and No.)

266.„Direx N.V.“
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Vilnius Regional Administrative Court‘s decision No.
I-3203-463/2019, 11 of April 2019​
It doesn’t matter what country it is the fact of the matter is that there is an official court judgment against them. The user that commented before you said that this was not true so I had to redeem myself and show it was true what I said.

Well yes, there might be. They're not an allowed operator in Lithuania... Apparently so isn't Unibet, one of the best known bookmakers all around the world. Probably because gambling is highly regulated in Lithuania and only bookmakers or casino's with a Lithuanian license are allowed to operate in their jurisdiction.

A real life example for me: Bet365 and Casumo aren't allowed in Belgium because they don't have a Belgian license, you can't even sign up to them. Unibet has obtained a license and you can legally sign up to them as a Belgian citizen.

Does that make Bet365 and Casumo illegal as a whole? Ofcourse not, they have UKGC and MGC licenses and are allowed to operate in markets that accept those.
Bitstarz is an award winning casino at Casinomeister

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