Bitstarz lost my $500 E-transfer


Aug 10, 2022

On July 26th I sent $500 to Bitstarz via Interac eTransfer with Scotiabank. The payment was stuck in processing for a couple days until eventually it deposited according to my Etransfer transaction history and bank account. However I was not given any credit on Bitstarz because for some reason the transaction was canceled according to my Bitstarz transaction history.

I have reached out to support a number of times with bank statements of the deposit and they just say that the transaction was cancelled and the money should be returned to my account in a few business days. So far it hasn’t been and now I am beginning to think I won’t be getting it back. I have called my bank and they say since the money has been deposited there is nothing they can do.

I have deposited money once previously to Bitstarz via etransfer and was credited instantly so it is strange that I am having this issue with them.

Has anyone else had issues with etransfer and Bitstarz? I have statements and proof of the transaction but still will not be credited on their website or have my money returned to me after nearly 3 weeks. It has been a very frustrating experience and losing $500 before I even played a game is not a great feeling.
Hi @rpgamer,

First of all, I'm truly sorry about this. If I had 500 bucks somewhere in the ether I wouldn't be very happy.

So, I can see that you reached out to our support around the time that you mentioned, but you dropped out of the chat before
you had provided the deposit reference number that the guys in support requested from you.

I see you were in contact with support yesterday and did provide a reference number, and it was escalated to our payments team
for investigation. I promise we'll reach out to you as soon as the guys have more information but the money has to be somewhere, and we'll get to the bottom of it, I promise.


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