Bitcoin. The truth is in the Blockchain. The power is with the Player.

Kelly Jo

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Nov 13, 2014
United States
Never before, have online players been given such a powerful tool as the Bitcoin. As a tool to identify P.O.S. rogue casinos, it is %100 ACCURATE. Recently, there have been several situations in which players have posted the correspondences they've received from casinos regarding bitcoin payouts. In every situation, the casino has made claims that they are in contact with "Bitcoin" and are working to resolve issues. In every situation, the casino is lying. They are taking advantage of players simply because many players are intimidated by bitcoin's seemingly complex nature and have not educated themselves.

This is NOT acceptable.

1. Players need to stop treating Bitcoin as though it were some mythical magical unicorn shrouded in the mysteries of the unknown.
Bitcoin is actually very straightforward and reliably accurate. It is literally--the true sense of virtual reality.

Chris opens his wallet, takes out $50 and gives it to Kelly. Kelly puts $50 into her purse. Kelly takes $15 out of her purse and gives it to the grocery store clerk. The clerk takes
the $15 and puts it into the cash register. The clerk takes $5 from the cash register and gives it to mail carrier.

THIS is what a Blockchain is. Each transfer of money from one person to the next is given an identifier called a node. It is like assigning a red thumbtack to a map on the wall.

Still too difficult to follow? Fine. Molly has sex with Sam who has sex with Tina and Becky and Billy. (Ah... now you get it!!)

A confirmation tracks the red thumbtack from point E back to point A. Point A being the creation of the bitcoins by a bitcoin miner. The logic in this is that when there is a clean
unbroken chain that follows the money from point A to point E and back again, the currency was generated by a legitimate miner and is not counterfeit.

**What are your thoughts on having a Bitcoin Information and Resource Section with it's own meister moderator? (similar to PAB)
Is there a go-to individual now?

2. When a casino sends a correspondence to a player and puts IN WRITING proof of rogue activities, do you think they should lose there accreditation IMMEDIATELY?
I want to hear from the casino reps in particular on this question, because as the old saying goes:


3. Have you ever received a correspondence from a casino that made false/bogus claims about Bitcoin with regard to their ability to make your payment?
If so, please share. Accountability goes a long way in terms of prevention, so as another old saying goes:

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