Birthday recap - the good, the bad, the bling


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Apr 27, 2009
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Saw dun post what he got for his birthday (casino chips-wise) and asked us others how we did.
And well, like dun, it pretty much sucked ass lol. I've been playing online around 10 years, and like everyone, we all look forward to the big bday for a few freebs. And this year, with my second job, we've a had a few extra bucks, and the one we pretty much use for online fun, the other 2 (mine and his other job) for bills and sundries. So we've been depping a heck of a lot more because we have the gravy and we're past our bar days. So when I opened my email this morning, I was rubbing my hands.

And what did I find?

Sweet Fork All!
Noone, and I mean NONE...of the casinos I've dropped thousands in over 2013... left a single email with goodies. Not a tenner, not a fin, deffo not a 50.
With two exceptions.

Guts sent me a sweet little gift (I lost lol), but it wasn't just the appreciation of the comp - it was that it was from Ben. No 'dear player', no 'from the staff of Guts' ...but from the owner. And if he can find the time to drop me a personal note, lemmie tell ya, I feel valued.
And I got the auto-tenner from 3Dice (thank you)

So, for my (thank God I stopped keeping track and notes after the few K mark by March) $ over the year - TWO casinos dropped something in my account of the say, 10 I generally play, and the odd others from time to time. So to Ben..thanks brother - I felt valued!

The Good:

Guts - for a really $hitty start to my day, you made my morning a lot better. Not only, by far, the biggest comp, but the personal note.Thank you.

I got 1000 rubies from 32Red, but I had to chase them up. Appreciated certainly, but for depping every month but one through 2013, I'd thought I'd have received at least an auto bday note. But hey, a tenner is a tenner, even if I had to go beg for it.

3Dice - always good for the auto-send out. And actually got a bit of play-time from my tenner. They'd likely have done a turney if I was in too. So for somewhere, I've not much depped lately, kudos.

BETAT - they actually forgot and chased them up for a little something. But for the 100 fantastic things they've done otherwise, it'll slide lol. Still top-notch when it comes to my account and still one of the best (I mean, the guys sent me FURNITURE lol)

Betsafe - Had to chase them up. $25 - but they go under 'the bad' - you'll see why.

So in total? Besides Guts, 65 bucks. I may be a lowroller, but that's still about 1K - 2K out every month.

The Bad:

Well, a lot of casinos. I may have switched a lot of my focus to Guts and BETAT, because of their service and promotions - but this is like, going back 2-3 months ago. Apparently, casinos have short memories and what was Jan-Sept (still with deps after, just less) - it really felt like 'ya, but what have you done for us lately'. One casino said, sorry, you haven't depped since August. I thought, what about my 8 months of deps before? Sorry my bday is at year's end. Should I have asked for an early birthday present? Other casinos that saw hundreds or thousands from Jan - Sept, with some deps still after, up to and including December....nada as well...Unibet, Jetbull, WilliamHill, BetVictor, Bet365. And all the others that saw a few hundred...all those, not a cent, not a generic card.

Betsafe. More 'the bummer' than 'the bad'. Got an email (after chasing live chat) that my acct had $235 in comps and happy birthday. Seemed extravagant, but thought, Hell, maybe - I never take bonuses, never get comps, lose and dep a fair bit. Logged in. Typo. $25. Hey, it's $25, but geez, next time proof-read before making my day then taking it away lol.

Anyway. I'm the first to say comps are gifts. They aren't obligations. I stand by it. You dep, you get to play, you get paid if you win. That's the deal. Extras are perks - you get em great, you don't, that's the way it goes. They don't owe you.

So why call them out, you ask? It's CM awards time. These little things make the difference - not only in my vote, but come 2014, where I'm going to play. And all but two are seeing the chop-block for reg deps. BETAT and Guts prove time and again why I play there. The post isn't to shame any casinos. Dun asked. I'm sharing. And it's to highlight the GOOD ones, not rag the bad ones. As I said, there's no obligation on their part. They met their end of the deal. But the little things are remembered ;)

The Bling:

So no wins tonight. Even depped some bday $. Lost. C'est la vie. It's been a good year. BETAT and Guts have pretty much decorated my new house lol.
The bf took me out. International buffet dinner and a stop by the tat parlour - two piercings for two sweet new diamond earrings he got me. I like me some bling.
Ended up a good night. Came home, got to play a bit, had a couple cold ones, read my 50-plus FB bday wishes, played with the animals. They always make ya feel loved lol.


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Nov 13, 2012
Good to hear you got yourself some free birthday chips :thumbsup:

I think it's the little things that allot of customers remember even if it's just a nice visually pleasing birthday e-card. Your right comps aren't an obligation, they don't have to give you anything, but sure would be nice if they did. I think it's the little things that earn a customers loyalty.

I should know when I got nothing for this Birthday from the casinos where I would deposit allot most of them also went on the chopping block. Not even a birthday card. Nothing. Jackpot City and the other casinos within that group, I had deposited about $1,000.00 not even 5 free spins. I think you can tell when a casino dosent appreciate your patronage. So you just stop. Find a casino that will appreciate your patronage. Luckily there are tons of online casinos that do appreciate their loyal customers like Guts, 32 Red, [email protected] and more.

Great to hear you enjoyed your birthday :)


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Jun 5, 2006
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Well sorry to hear you didn't get lots of goodies, but yeah being valued at one or two places is worth something. There are lots of casinos I play where I get nothing for my birthday, but the ones who do remember always make me feel good.

Interesting story - there was this one casino I used to play a lot, no bonuses, no freebies - I asked on my birthday and they said no. So I quit playing there and suddenly the free chips started showing up - like every couple weeks I'd get a surprise email. :rolleyes: Funny how that works.

Anyhow hope you clean up for Christmas instead - and congrats on the bling! (lucky dog) :p

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