Roguish Bingoville casino serves only North Americans


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Oct 26, 2008
Would you believe, there is a casino on net where is only one way to cash out and that is ewalletExpress.
That means that ONLY players who can cash out are from USA
and Canada. What can players from Europe and other parts of the world do when they want cash out? NOTHING.
To send these players a check? No, because that is not
theirs policy. Who is this casino? It is For over 1 year I have money pending for cash out.
Their answer: we are working very hard to find a system
that other players can cash out. Well, I do not think that they are working very hard, if after 15 months could not find 1 system in order to satisfy
players other than North Americans.

Bingoville is the only casino on net who has only 1 system for cash out, while other casinos have at least 6 or more systems for cash out.

How many of you believe that Bingoville will have a system for cash out for other players any time soon? How about one year from now?
In my opinion, Bingoville is not a crooked casino, but is a irresponsible
and stupid casino as it has no more than 16 players.

Any advice?


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Jan 30, 2007
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I checked out the website and it says they have Neteller. Can't you use that?

I'm not familiar with bingo sites so can't offer much help.

Maybe PAB would be in order.


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Jan 20, 2004


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Jul 17, 2006
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Hi.I was talking with Virgin Ace, about why the restriction of Canadians towards their casino.

Once Virgin Ace told me the reason why the restriction, he mentioned that Virgin Casino offered poker and bingo at their casino.

Might be a place to check out if is being questionable towards EU patrons.

Virgin has strong ties to the EU and UK, plus their on the accredited casino list, so this could be a good place to gamble at, get paid promptly, and have a good shot at winning.

I'm not much of a bingo player myself, but I know how important it would be to make sure that integrity is there for all players involved.

I felt like passing this information along, because it could help you to find a secure bingo casino online to gamble at.

Good luck with your bingo play in the future.


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