and I find it's a real cool


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Dec 16, 2004
Palm Bay Florida
I had a few friend meet up at and I find it's a real cool Bingo to play.
I know what your thinking because I promote them.
I use to play at Party until the US screwed it all up for everyone.
Stop By and look around

And I see Bryan took out the Promo area :(
Sorry, I can't agree with you. I played there a few times, they are fine until you wish to make a withdrawal. Their 'customer support' are rude, unhelpful and un-informed. Wouldn't go back there if you gave me 1k and a naked photo! :eek:
I never had that trouble

I never had that trouble I'm sorry you must of lost :mad:
I know many that got paid fast from them and your the first I ever heard this from
I never had a problem with them

If your an affiliate for them how come I can't find them at your place:rolleyes: or maybe I just did'nt look harder.

All I see on your page is
Bingo Liner
Geisha Bingo
Ruby Bingo
You Bingo


I'm Veronica and I work in the customer support department for the site and I must say that I was very surprised to hear that Bluebell had such problems contacting us regarding a redemption.

We offer 24/7 customer support through help desk tickets, e-mails, toll free number as well as a live help chat option.

We are one of the fastest paying bingo site in the UK and that unless the player has uncleared checks or is missing information on their credit card all payouts are sent the same day they are processed.

If there is an issue in regards to the redemption, we always transfer players to speak directly to an accounting offices who will let you know what the delay is and what is needed to do to get the funds sent as soon as possible.

We pride ourselves of our winners since they give testament to the fact that you can win and get your money at therefore it is in our best interest to send out funds.

Word of mouth is our best advertisement!

I always suggest to players that they request to speak to supervisor if they are not satisfied with the attention received.

If an affiliate has a problem contacting the marketing department they can easily contact support and support will find out why he or she hasnt been responded to by marketing.

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