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Apr 22, 2005
Toronto Canada
Hello All

I am a new memeber here and also new to online gambline . I have been gambling online since Nov 2004 . The first time I ever made a deposit was into bingoknights . I got lucky there and won $2500 full card . then hit $400 of slots . I had to wait over 4 months before I got paid out .

After I got my money I went back there to make a deposit to play more . When I asked for the bonus they were giving at the time , they told me I wasn't getting it . When I asked why live help couldn't tell me why . Then I wrote the Queen . She sent me this email


During the extended audit by our fraud and accounting department, we have recognized you to be a "skilled player" as well as having found your account to be colliding with another players account, a player who is also considered a skilled player; therefore considered high risk to BingoKnights (from now on referred as BK). High- Risk Player is a term used for players who play professionally and/or with the help of bonuses beats the game. It is very common practice among the online gambling sites to identify such customers and not to allow them to play in their site. BK will not stop you from playing on their system, but we have a different set of rules and bonus policies for such customers. From here onward the following rules will be applied to your account, irregardless of what promotions you may receive. This overrides all the promotions offered by BKs marketing team or any individual from our site and/or its affiliates.

Please note the following rules in regard to your account:

You may receive deposit bonuses up to 100%

You may receive chat bonuses up to 100%

Your monthly withdrawal limit will be of $1000.00

Failure to fulfill these rules will result in the forfeiture or nullification of your transaction or to the degree of closing your bingo account.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Thank you,

Mariano Quizzo

Audit and Fraud Manager


I don't know how they can say this about me . I have never been a depositing player until I played with them . Yet they call me a professional player . But they will still allow me to play there , I just dont get it . What I'm scared of if they try to ruin my name with other sites I like to gamble at . Is there anyway I can find this out . And if they do try to ruin my name is there anyway I can fix it up . I guess they havent looked at there winners list lately cause you will see the same names over and over again . And the money I won I wasnt posted in there winners list . Please let me know what I can do about this . Or if someone can help me out with this

Thank you
I wouldn't worry about it. This is normal procedure when a casino identifies players who they deem "skilled" or whatever. It's their prerogative to modify their T&Cs to accommodate you. One thing to keep in mind: bonuses are a privilege - not a necessity or an obligation .If you don't like the rules, don't take the bonus or move on to something else.
Thank you Miester

i was a little worried and still dont understand much about online gambling . But I dont know how I abused my bonus privilege with them ... I havent been playing with long enough lol ... well one for me I will chalk it up as something I learned about this site . And I'm sure there are many more like them

Have a great day


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