Bingo!! Possible winning tips


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Dec 16, 2004
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A friend Bartongrl1 posted this and I like to share it.
Thank You Bartongrl1

Bingo!! Possible winning tips.

Even though, most times, the cards you get online are picked for you, there may be some ways you can help yourself in respect to better chances of winning.

Some people think that the more cards you play, the better their chance of winning. But this isnt necessairly true. Playing fewer cards can make your chances of winning a bigger pot, better.

Even though balls are thrown out randomly, watching the pattern of the balls being called can also be of a help to you.

On the sites that allow you to choose the cards you buy, by watching how the balls come out during the first game may give you a clue to which cards to buy during the next game.

Also notice if more N's etc. are called more often and which numbers and buy cards accordingly. This might take several games to decipher which numbers hit most often, but it can be worth the time it takes.

Ive noticed during my yearsof playing bingo, that some nights, there are numbers that never do come out. But the one thing I have noticed is that the numbers that do come out during the evening are usually repeated during that bingo session.

Perhaps these tips will help you a little, whether playing online or off. Good luck.

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