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Jun 30, 1998
So what are the myths about Bingo? I thought this was something that only little old ladies at the church club played. Real men play this too? C'mon - be real. Tell me it ain't so...
To be honest, all I know about Bingo is that you have a card with some numbers on it - and then somebody is calling out numbers - and when you hear ALL of your numbers, the ones on your card, you win.

Is that so? :eek2:

What are the rules of on-line Bingo,anyway?
nothing wrong with bingo, and if you stick to the progressives and guaranteed prize pool games where there are few players, you can come out on top.
We all like the Old Lady Game lol

-z- said:
Patiently awaiting BingoT's arrival to this thread.
Thanks -z-:lolup:
That's why all my customers call me BingoT for the past 16 years:)
But I wish this would be a On/Off line Bingo thread.
Bingo online you have many and you have many that are not so good.Out of all bingo sites I seen I have to say I only found 2 that I like. One site that went from Free to Real is and they still have slots,draw poker,and bingo for Free Play and the best is PartyBingo.And Yes I do promote Party by I have to Swear by it that it is the Best of all. I have to say it's not your everyday cheap bingo. You may hear on how this one and that one don't pay But I have to say if you Win at Party least you get your money.

And Yes for the Off Line You must see Foxwoods Bingo or the one in Old Town Maine.

Thanks for the Warm Welcome in the Bingo Thread :) -z-:)
PS If you or anyone needs any help in anything about Bingo Please Call I'll do my best to help anyone I can.
Yell Bingo Today it's a good stress reliever
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There are some good online bingos. You have to be careful , because some of them are run as alterative to some of the rouge casinos. Bingoknights for instance is associated with cirrus.

I play at Saturn and Bingo drome. They are pretty fun and seem pretty clean.

I have also seen a lot of bad ones whos terms and conditions are just horrible.
Some you have to wait 30 days until you are allowed to cash out.
I saw one, and can not remember where it is, I will have to look, where
you had to wait 30 days to cash out and play at least 10 dollars a day during that 30 days before you cash out! What horrible terms.
I played today and it was a GUY that was beating us woman,lol
He went in with 10 bucks and kept hitting, He was at 150 when I went broke.
I did get a few in the beggining , until he showed up,lol

This shows that a guy can win that silly game of bingo.

Hi Ama you made me laugh today:lolup: That is so cute
A Good Quote by you
I played today and it was a GUY that was beating us woman,lol
He went in with 10 bucks and kept hitting, He was at 150 when I went broke.
I did get a few in the beggining , until he showed up,lol
This shows that a guy can win that silly game of bingo.
Yea to the guy :lolup:
Lets play sometime. I'll even let you win too.

LOL. Yeah there are guys there, just not as many.
Ther server must have sensed him and felt sorry for him:))
j/k ...

No doubt we should,lol What halls do you play at? There are only three
that I play at that I trust at the moment:)

I only play at two of them online

PartyBingo if I mean Money or if I want to just lay back it's (most of the time in draw poker) for free only if im broke lol
and if your near Foxwoods hmmmmm Now your talking.i'll even treat ya too:thumbsup:

Ive never tried party bingo. King solomons just sent me an invitation to play bingo, I never realized they had it in there,lol I went and looked, and those
rooms are loaded with people. Probably to hard to hit bingo,lol

Do not know where foxwoods is, but if your ever in the Phoenix area,lol


Cool. :))) Boy Im getting bing'od out today,lol Ive been trying some new sites to do some reviews,..... but I think Ill go play one of my ole favorites, if your online, Ill be over be at bingodrome. Its 5:19 southwestern time, I should be there a little while, unless I loose fast,:))) Come say hi.

To the ladies of Bingo start a new thread about the World of Bingo

I'll try to take a look Ama

I hope someone will start a new thread about the good the bad and the ugly about bingo.
All that I seen online I can think of one person that knows her stuff.
Dominique knows and helps many So I hope she will do her stuff.
and I will do my best to help anyone I can.I say I can start one but i'll leave it up with the ladies to start on this.
Casinomeister said:
I thought this was something that only little old ladies at the church club played.

I think CM wants to know if beer is served at real Bingo places.. :)

(This would improve my interest in bingo considerably.)

If they would do Bingo in Germany , there would be beer served. There is beer at macdonalds there...

BingoT, you flatter me... There is no reason for only ladies to write about Bingo. I made my page to appeal to ladies and regret it somewhat, because there are more and more men out there.

Bingo is a lot more fun than I used to think. Who knows a lot about Bingo on here is dcputernut....she's played just about everywhere. I always ask her opinion.

Yes, if there are problems I can likely help with most of them, except for things like Bingo Knights where there is no real contact for me since I don't deal with them.
-z- said:
I think CM wants to know if beer is served at real Bingo places.. :)

(This would improve my interest in bingo considerably.)


in the UK they sell beer at bingo halls, in fact it actually cheaper than the pub, but i guess theres a reason behind that
Back when I attended University in the UK, me and my flatmates used to go to a Bingo parlour in Colchester for fun.
we were about 23 on average and there were 7 of us so that brought the average age in the room down to about 87...

I can still remember the "married with children" episode where Al -having accidentally gotten a senior citizen's card- visits a Bingo parlour and returning home exclaims:
"Do you know the feeling of looking around that room and knowing you could have any woman there?"

Still, I have to admit that it was fun and we generally had a good time.
I also think it's a growth industry and there are promotional opportunities since it's less aggressive than casinos.

I'll sign up and see what happens.
Hello Agamemnon

Hello Agamemnon
And please tell us all where you go to play and tell us your thoughts about your first play of this crazy game of bingo online.
Thanks and hope you Win:)

My husband came up with this idea that had me rolling in laughter.
He said we ought to buy an online bing hall, and call it naked bingo.
He said there is no naked bingo on the web. I said YEAh, with GOOD reason!!!
LOL , I dont think I want to see other bingo players naked,.lol

I love bingo but that thought SCARES me,lol

I love that idea i'll even get the cam out

I love that idea i'll even get the cam out lol that's even if I don't win any money. I'm game
When I hear about a way of Naughty Bingo I remember this one.
This is a cute story :lolup:

Naughty Bingo nights
I first heard about Naughty Bingo from Ms Tress Stefania a couple of months ago. For those of you who don't know Ms Tress Stefania, she's the editor of the formerly glossy Twisted Superfreak Times,
Ms Tress Stefania has an unusual vibe. She is definitely an old soul -- slightly Parisian in that tousled Toulouse-Lautrec kind of way. She's as adorable as one of those Disney cartoon poodles, but beneath those long blonde pigtails lurks a steely old soul. I find her very disturbing. I guess it takes a lot of guts to get a magazine off the ground these days, especially a magazine like Twisted Superfreak Times, which, like revenge, has content that is best served cold.

Anyhow, Stefania is leaving for L.A. and we decided to say goodbye by playing a round of Naughty Bingo at the Living Well, along with our friend Carson T. Foster -- codename: the Ivory Viper. On New Year's Eve, I lifted Mr. Foster's kilt to say "Hello again" to the Ivory Viper, which I hadn't seen since the days when I lived with him and he used to run naked and screaming on his cell phone up and down the hallways like a Nordic Berserker raging into battle. (Mr. Foster, by the way, is holding his Kickass Karaoke at the Bovine Sex Club again on Jan. 26, and I'm hoping that the glamorous Mr. Black from Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars will show up again and blow my knickers off with his "Hi, I'm a character from Velvet Goldmine" imitation. I am grateful to anyone who supports the delusion that we live full-time in that movie.)
I know what you're thinking. Bingo. Karaoke. What the idle pleasures is going on around here? The last time Ms Tress Stefania played Naughty Bingo at the Living Well she confessed to doing something very naughty. No, naughty is too soft a word. She did something morally reprehensible. She was sitting there with her old-fashioned bingo card -- you know, the kind that has little windows that open over the numbers so the card looks like a little building -- and the woman next to her had won five vibrators. Feeling that life just wasn't fair, Stefania waited until the woman went to the washroom and stole one of her vibrators. That's almost worse than stealing another woman's man. What a wicked girl.
My interest in attending Naughty Bingo concerned winning a vibrator. I've never owned one and have always refused to buy one, as there always seemed to be plenty of real penises around -- until recently. Most women are shocked when they discover that I know nothing about vibrators, so Carson, Stefania and I came up with a couple of other uses for them so I could one day actually justify buying one. For instance, there is absolutely no reason why you couldn't use a vibrator to mix delicious drinks in tall, skinny glasses; as a cookie dough roller; to dig holes in the ground so you could plant tulips; or as a slide for a guitar. The best unusual use for a vibrator, however, has to be as a curler; you could use them to achieve that big soft '70s hair and receive a relaxing massage at the same time.
The bingo caller that night was the ugliest, meanest drag queen I've ever seen -- codename: Shirley the Whore. Shirley had hair like Danny Bonaduce and legs like Monica Lewinsky. However, she made up for her looks in charm, bellowing whatever was on her mind at the crowd. The proceeds that night were going to the Coalition Against Homophobia. In the past, Shirley told me, Naughty Bingo has raised thousands of dollars for charities such as the Christmas Wish Foundation.
Over the course of the night, Shirley held up vibrator after vibrator, but all of them seemed to be won by "guys from out of town." Lucky little Ms Tress Stefania, who once won $5,000 in the lottery (she used it to start up Twisted Superfreak Times), won twice -- an ugly T-shirt and hat, and the "Ultimate 10" Satisfier ("I want more!" stated the sexy chick in hot pants on the
This vibrator was the ugliest electronic appliance I'd ever seen. It was long, skinny, shoehorn-shaped, nubby and a disgusting nicotine-stain colour. "It doesn't come with batteries!" yelled Carson, who, like most guys, is always thinking ahead. Carson and I won nothing. This, of course, was more fodder to feed our bitterness during the winter of our discontent. "We're losers in love and bingo," stated Carson, watching me fight off tears. Sadly, we left, as Stefania went off in search of an all-night Radio Shack that would sell "C" batteries.
a question about online bingos

hi all

i have a question about online bingos , do they have house players and if they do is it legal to have house players? im very curious because i have been playing at a particular site that always has the same winners over and over again (i dont win ) so i want to know dont they have rules they have to follow themselfs? please respond. thank you all pevangel

In my experience, a lot of them do.

I have been trying out a lot of different places. One I KNOW they do,
because I played with 300 bucks. I Think I hit bingo twice all night.

At the end of the night, noone was left in chat except for 4 players.

When I would not place a bet on a game, the pot was 0, and when I did,
the INSTANT i clicked the bet, the 4 players had a max card bet.

This had me pretty angry. I felt VERY cheated.

There are some that seem ok though, like bingodrome. I hang out there. It seems fair and is fun.

Another thing to watch out for are rooms that have 130 players.
It does not make sense to me how anyone plays these rooms.

I went into one yesterday but never deposited because they had 130 players.
A set pot of 100 dollars. Most people average 5 dollars a round. Whos winning there ?It was obvious. Then the chances of winning with that many players is impossible. With 130 players, that pot should be in the high hundreds.
My guess is 100 of them were robots.

This is why someone really needs to police these people. I love bingo.
It is a fun time killer and the chats have me in tears sometimes with the fun that goes on in the rite places. Unfortunaltey I would say 90 percent of them
either have house players, or impossible cash out terms.

Good ones to stick to are big trusted online casinos that also offer bingo
like king solomons. Bingo drome and Saturn seem pretty up and up.

Ive been working hard the last two weeks checking out some places to put on my site for a review, and some are not looking that pretty.

Sometimes in bingo though, there is a person that will win a lot. Especially if they are playing max cards, and others are not. You get lucky though. I went to play bingo today, bought 2 ,50 cent cards and hit bingo on my first go,lol

If you dont like places where you are outbingo'ed (I think I just invented a new word) there are halls that have only 10 card maximum , though I find that rather boring.

thank you very much i really appreciate the input , i just wonder dont they have rules and regulations they have to follow, it amazes me that when i write to the manager about other issues hes great but when i write in regards to the issues i have stated he gives the brush off. i say there should be regulations for them as well as us. i heard bingodrome was a good one from my other bingo friends .so casinomeister can you tell me is there any regulations they have to abide by or, anyone who can answer.

thank you very much pevangel

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