Bingo Card will not pay my winnings


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Jan 19, 2004
Slangerup, Denmark
Stay way from this site.

Look how the treat there winners:

This is my sad storry.

I have a lot of truble getting my $405 winnnigs from

I have played there 100% sign up bonus and got a 250$ bonus on a 250$ NETeller deposit. Then I wagered 3680$ on BJ and the wagering requirement are 3500$.

Then I cashout my balance 655$.

Now the truble starts. They refuse to pay me because they said that I have not fullfill the wageing requirement and that they do not alove players from Denmark.

Both reasons are wrong:

A) I have fullfill the 7 times deposit+bonus wagering requirement. I have in fact wagered $180 more. (I have a screendump when there live support confirmed that I have fllfill the wagering requirement.

B) When I signed up players from Denmark was aloved to play if they deposit with Western Union or NETeller (I have a screendump on that to) and I did deposit with NETeller. So there are no problem here.

I pointed this out to the administator but they still refuse to pay me my winnings and said that Danish players not are aloved to play at there site. Then they change the Legal information and led out the Western Union or NETeller part.

They says that they are going to return my NETeller deposit and close my account on Monday.

I have tryed to convince them to pay me but with no luck so far.

It seems to me that they alove Danish players to play and hope they lose there money but if the player wins they just return the deposit and close the account.

I have screendump of all there legas information and bonus offer terms.

The status is:

- My account have been closed
- They have return my $250 NETeller deposit
- My $405 are gone!!!!!!!!

Crap site - STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

If you have the supporting info, you might try to "pitch a bitch" with the casinomeister. Maybe he will be able to help you. Look for the form on this site and fill it out- can't hurt to try.
To be honest i just checked and can't find any rules restricting Danes even after the fact.

Definately Pitchabitch territory. imo

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