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Jan 10, 2010
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Sorry if this subject has been touched on before but i wanted to ask all of you that have been around for awhile.I saw one or two articles on the web talking about how some bingo sites use bots to keep up a player pool and to keep players playing.Ive had my own suspicions about this for a few weeks ago.The reason i pondered this futher is becasue i asked my self how do bingo sites make money if your suppose to be playing against other players and why do they offer such huge bonuses and are so persistant at trying to get you to deposit.The only thing i could think of is that the sites put their own players in the games or bots.And if this is true doesnt that shoot out the window the theory that the game is random if the site which controls the game is also putting in players which im sure they have the ability to program what cards these bots have and if,when,how often,what pots,etc, they will win.I dont know any feedback on this would be great cause i am curious if this is a known thing and people continue to play anyway or what the deal is.thanks.

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So this post is over 10 years old, no one ever replied to it, and the OP has been banned... but i'm interested.

Not in the bit about whether or not the game is random, I know it's run by the bingo network provider rather than the brand, but in the bots. Could bingo sites use bots in any way without effecting the outcome of the game, so it remains fair to the real people playing. And what would be the benefit of doing this?

I've seen a few people mention bingo bots recently but i can't think of a reason why it would be worthwhile other than outright cheating and thievery, which I don't think Foxy and Gala are really into!
I'd be more inclined to think "Why wouldn't they?"

Because as much as Bingo in all its digitized guises has had somewhat of a resurgence in recent years due to ease of use and accessibility, I'd guess it's not popular as advertisers make it out to be, with other mediums and gambling options enjoying similar upticks.

I've partaken of Bingo at predominantly 'Bingo' sites so as to accumulate slotting perks, and more often than not the rooms'd be deader than a dodo, coupled with the fact that there's just so many versions of the things!

And who would want to play a game where there's three participants. "Bingo everyone! What a rush! How did you get on Janet?" - no thanks

So I'd imagine some of the supposedly more popular rooms being padded with A.I players to stop Fanny & co migrating to a busier site. Makes perfect business sense :cool:
That's all I could think of, but then ive seen loads of tumbleweed rooms as well, so I thought if they were going to do it then why wouldn't they do it in all of the rooms?

So what would they do, just plump the room up with ticketless bot accounts (called Janet) so that the real players don't have their winning chances effected? How would that sit with regulation?
Little reason to do it; not saying they don’t, just many games are networked across one provider - and may be the same room but under another name on a different site.

Plus the prize pool (even on fixed prize rooms) is usually a tiny proportion of what the overall ticket income would be.
On the other side of the bingo coin every reason to do it? Fill every single room with 1-100 bots the popular rooms 100 the not so popular 1!! The sad thing is we will never ever know we are just told and live with it because the dollar (pound) (euro) (oldgreekfrank) talks

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