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Jul 16, 2009
Earth is pissing me off. Here's why:
1. Did a search for online casino and saw a few that accepted money under their sponsored search. Won't name the sites for obvious reasons but you can look.
2. Checked before signing up to ad center, read the terms quickly, like any human would do and signed up because it says you're responsible for the content of the site and nothing about online casino's bla bla. I'm good to go, nope.
3. Went through all the steps of signing up, confirming the e-mail, my information, site information, deposit , card stuff and key words etc. etc.. and it showed the site active. Nope again...
4. Now after paying $5.00 bucks to sign up and going through all the above crap I see under FAQ's. No online casinos or sites linked to online casinos. Although Bing has active online casino sites in their search engine they won't accept affiliate sites or casino's, go figure.
Bing is a rogue search engine for casino's and affiliates so please don't waste your time like me, my opinion... :rolleyes:


Winter is Coming!
Mar 31, 2005
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You always used to be able to have paid ads in and - as it was part of the overture/yahoo search marketing ppc system.

Not sure about bing though, but like adwords before they allowed gambling ads - there were and are ways around it. Hence this is probably why you are seeing the ads.