Bing and Yahoo consolidate - Gain for online Gambling


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Nov 5, 2009
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The Federal government of United States of America and the European Union has taken a landmark decision of allowing YAHOO & BING to combine their SEs (Search Engines).

Googles market share of the US search engine market is around 65%. On the other hand, Yahoos search engine market share is 17% and that of Bings is 11.3%. The great combining of the SE giants, namely Yahoo and Microsofts Bing, will catapult their joint market share to 30%.

Effect on online casino industry
From now on, the search results of Yahoo will be powered by Microsofts search engine Bing. This consolidation of SEs will help the gambling aficionados to get more relevant and targeted search results, which will ultimately benefit the online gambling industry as a whole through increased business.

What do you all think about this news?
Anything that can compete with the google gods is welcome. Google has wayyyyy too much power, it can make or break any business of it's choosing.
In a way it's a bit sad - the end of Yahoo search, even though I assume it will still look the same. Agree with Dom that Google needs seious competition before it gets too monopolistic. It is very good at what it does, but there are some signs recently that money is becoming more of a priority. It would be ironic if Google lost market share back to MS because of perceived greediness LOL. I know webmasters (in general) are less than thrilled with the direction Google is taking - it depends what power they yield now I guess as to whether that matters.

I recently switched from Google to Bing just to try it and see how it compared. So far I've been pleasantly surprised but I'm still not sure which one I'll end up on.

This reminds me a bit of "Google Killer", Cuil. Lost the battle on Day 1 because of poor search results. At least Bing is experienced in delivering those.

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