Dormant account
Mar 6, 2003
Am I being paranoid or what? I signed up for a bonus there and had no problem playing with my paid money. Now today when I get credited my bonus money, I cant log in. It say "log in session timed out. Please try again" I have tried several times and still the same thing. Wrote an email to them and no reply yet. Anyone else get this here or at any other casino?

Give it a day, but no more. Sometimes there are server problems, but they shouldn't last more than a few hours. If support hasn't gotten back to you, it could be that they are flooded by emails similar to yours.
Thanks Brian...I got an email saying they were having tech problems but that was 6 hours ago,lol and it still doesnt work.....its a flash so maybe someone kind out there could try to log on and see if they can get on, then if i cant then we will know I was scammed : )

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