Big Thank You To DrueckGlueck / SlotsMagic


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Mar 21, 2012
First of I would point out and that I do not make posts every time I get paid, Talk to good CS or site runs good or infact make many posts about how good a site has been but this is an exception,

It started of with a 200% email from DrueckGlueck a sister site to slotsmagic, I know there has been some debate about the sites and I for one have certainly chimed in and not always been the kindest of words but they are accredited and you do not get put on that list if casino is no good,

Anyway after seeing the email what I noticed was the skrill logo so I thought great I got some money in skrill I will give it ago, Some extra play time


After a while I checked the wager to come across this rule


I thought I am in the dog house now as only made a few small deposits on this site, So I send Krystal_EGO to get a very fast reply stating manger is out of the office now and will get back to me in the morning, First thing In the morning I get a message saying ok to play,

I will point out rules are rules, But I had not even broke into the bonus and due to the constant rule changes across sites in recent weeks its hard to keep up, In any case they did look at the bigger picture and not just to scam us, I always stated rules are rules but they should always have some levearge and in this case it did :)

So a big thank you to DD and Krystal as managed the wager and took out last night to be paid this morning,

Extra bits to try and help the site:: Every thing is there, games/ bonus menu / banking / rules etc, Only problem is its abit old skooll, It does not feel the finished article, But if its not broke do not try and fix it :) Some of the games load slow, I did get a few errors / disconnect I say a good few but for the amount of games I played the disconnect was very small % I was not getting the normal error codes like on most sites but just disconnect,

I know the rules state this and is clear but as you know alot of rules have been changed recently across many sites, I am unsure if the 5 deposit rule not allowed with E-Wallet is a new one but you cannot expect the player to start getting in contact due to it being added when using ewallet, I think a measure should be put in place or a little sign when making deposit with elwallet,

I know there come a bloody long way since SM took over the JP, and they are always improving

Rating 9.4 / 10

So a big thank you and very professionally about how they went about it.