"Big Dollar Casino" - any thoughts/info??


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Feb 4, 2006
Has anyone played with or heard of this casino before? I saw their link in another forum and downloaded and signed up, but the main reluctance I have with depositing with them is that I have not received an "introductory" or "welcome" email with them that you usually get with other casinos. It uses Microgaming, and I really like their platform design (looks very upscale). Any thoughts on this are appreciated.
Thanks, MacGyver, I thought I saw something about this at one time or another, and tried doing a search in the forum...but couldn't find it
Checked the old thread and it does cite "Big Dollar" casino...but posts were from 2004 and posters mention them being linked to "Liberty Entertainment Group".

I wonder if this is "new and revamped" or exchanged ownership...because the site has copyright of 2006 and in the "About us" section says that it is now backed by "International Media Giant Ashanti Ltd.", and when I try to "google" that corporatio..brings up a gold mining corporation??

Just curious and somewhat intrigued about all of this..if anyone has any background/history on it, and any recent changes to the casino, and if it is pretty reputable, let me know.
Hi Cynthia - it used to be a sister casino to South Beach Palace Casino but the group left the business and the casinos were sold to Ashanti (there was an article in Casinomeister News with the detail - it's probably still in the archives.

The new owners are reportedly strongly funded and businesslike, but they have not been operational for long and thus a decent reputation will have to be earned as they go forward.
I am very impressed with this casino. The withdrawal time is 2 days, which is decent for a MG casino. But every week they typical give a bonus of 100% up to 100$ to 'VIP' customers. It is in the MG clearplay bonus system. So this has become my new MG slot casino whenever I want to play slots. (pretty often actually...). Slots count 100% wagering when clearing the bonus while BJ and VP only count 5% or 2%. So a good opportunity to play slots without feeling you are getting cheated with a house egde at 5%.

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I put their email address in my "safe list" to avoid the spam filter and sent them an email requesting the "intro welcome" email..and they responded pretty quickly. Seems very professional, and stated they tried to call me (must've been asleep (during day)).. but its good to hear the info from Jetset and that someone has actually successfully cashed out from them.. I hope that they do prove to be what they seem like so far ;)
Checked the old thread and it does cite "Big Dollar" casino...but posts were from 2004 and posters mention them being linked to "Liberty Entertainment Group".

Sorry, Cynthia, I limited my search to just one section of the Forum earlier today.

I meant this thread ...

Big Dollar complaint thread

It's more current than that 2004 one I pointed you to initially. Mea culpa ... :thumbsup:
they must have problems with the coupon offer

As I mentioned also in the other thread, I have received the special letter invitation, signed in, entered coupon code for 100 free but received nothing (coupon code is accepted, automatic email verify also but nothing into the account).
Their support receives my emails but hasn't actually replied to the problem.
Not the best first impression so I have chosen to delay any deposit until this is cleared :(
I have played at Big Dollar several times but so far haven't won enough to cash out. The one thing I find interesting (may have been mentioned before) is that their bonuses look very much like Grand Prive bonuses.

Lo and behold, when I emailed Lake Palace on Nov 5 about my deposit that wasn't credited (and still isn't), the email I received was on Big Dollar 'stationary'. :what:

Maybe they use the same payment processor??
They might also be using the Grand Prive group's Support facilities on a contract basis.

Probably the most realist explanation, if it weren't for the $25 signup gift I received via email (apparently others did too).

At the time didn't think much of it, but I've never been a member at Big Dollar before accepting this offer. So now I'm wondering where did they source my email from?

I've since deleted the email offer, however, someone may still have it :thumbsup:

Thinking back I wondered if this was a take over from Grand Prive`, to me it just seemed that way, that and the eZI Play single account set-up. Too many simularities now that they've been mentioned.
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Don't know for sure if this is enough to confirm the Grand Prive relation, but when I run "regedit" on my computer, a folder comes up labeled "Group" with subfolders underneath it, one labeled "Big Dollar" and one labeled "Grand Prive"...

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