Big Bet Poker ..Beware!


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Jul 26, 2003
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They have NO CLUE and like to fool you, this is what happend to me![/color]}They say they will give you a 100% match bonus, then if you search, which I did not, because I have NEVER had a problem with a match bonus or knowing what it was, they tell you you have to earn it. I have now put 4 deposits in for 25.00 each and won exactly 2 hands, so I feel that I would win if I put enough in for them to make money with the rakes, but they do not want me to win. Ie: I get a boat, someone rivers 4 6's this was continual. They have no players so I am sure my complaint is valid.
Why are you fooling with little poker rooms? You never know when you've hit a fly by nightLittle ones like that tend to have alot of props that play together all the time. . Its not cheating but they are sharks. I checked out their T&C and they explain their match rule, you should have read that. Their splash page looks like crap IMO. Also it looks like if i remember correctly. They failed, rumor was their software was rigged. Try a poker room that is large like party poker or paradise. Or if you like smaller ones has great promos like 4 free $50 nights a week, they'll give you your signup bonus up front. I think most other poker rooms do it like you found out, you have to work it off. I dont know anything about this poker room other then what i have read since reading this post but you can do much better.
Update on americascardroom, they dropped their free $50 nights 4 times a week, they dont have any freerolls anymore, they dont have added money to their real $$ tourneys, their live chat doesnt work anymore, they didnt answer the phone the 4 times I called today, the email i sent 2 days ago went unanswered and when i went to ask the players what was up the whole software crashed for at least an hour. They also seem to have found another way to use your bonus money that still exists, it wasnt very well explained which is what my email was about they didnt respond to and my 4 phone calls noone answered. They sent spam a week ago to get existing players to deposit for a 25% bonus and have all their bonus money turned into cash, then site went down for a day and when it came back it was "under new management" The management change was as of July 31st. I think i am taking back my positive things i said, at least until they actually explain their new bonus system or at least return emails or answer the phone. Luckily i have not played there in a while and have zero money there.

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