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Quite a topic as you might know... I've been online gambling for a little over a year and half now, and got really deep into reading about legitimacy of certain casinos and what not.. One thing that doesn't surprise me is the biased reviews a lot of *shitty* casinos get on this board as well as others. I found that even sometimes the *underdogs* paid out faster than the larger ones. Not going to name any names though. But obviously someone has to pay for webspace :) and what not... so everything you read is probably filtered in someway. Just like the newspapers.
Theirs no way to get around this, so I guess just got to take your chances...
(obviously the scanty looking, blacklisted IGC casinos can be overlooked.)

That's a pretty general condemnation that I do not agree with, particularly in regard to this board where IMO a serious effort is made to present facts and guard the players.

There are other "good" watchdog boards which if you nose around enough you will see making an honest and concrete attempt to improve the lot of players. And there are those which simply posture.

In the forums if you make a statement you can be challenged on it and that is one of the values - lurkers and posters alike can follow exchanges and make up their own minds.

This conflict of interest issue has been debated many times at many venues and usually leads to unfulfilled attacks on a variety of watchdog sites about which people have opposing views. The debate is healthy and informative.
I think that big smalls99 (or whatever) has voiced his/her concerns to the point! And, I thought this forum was what it there for.......

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