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Hi guys,

I signed up for BGO a few weeks ago.

I got some free spins and was lucky enough to work those spins to £212 (including a small deposition of 10 GBP which is required to be able to withdraw).

I have submitted all documents they have asked for and been approved. Along with the approval I went to my account and took a gander. There is only £110.

23/10/2014 09:21:28 Adjustment Committed Contact Customer Services for More Information -£80.95 £110.00
23/10/2014 09:20:17 Adjustment Committed Contact Customer Services for More Information -£21.27 £190.95
23/10/2014 09:11:42 Withdraw Aborted Withdrawal with ************4433 10/2017 £212.00 £212.22
23/10/2014 07:49:18 Withdraw Aborted Withdrawal with ************4433 10/2017 -£212.00 £0.22
I also got the following per email:

The Finance Team have also asked us to point out that they have left your deposit and £100 of winnings in your account - everything above this was voided as unfunded players are only eligible to claim £100 of winnings at the point that the account is first funded.
So they cancelled my withdrawal and kept half my winnings.

What can I do?


P.S. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. My apologies if not. D.S.


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yeah there was a term in free spins frequently asked questions:

"Can I withdraw the winnings from my free spins?

Yes you can, although you will need to complete the wagering requirements first. If you are playing on a non-funded account, the maximum you can win as a direct result of free spins is £100. Any balance greater than this at the point where the account becomes funded is void and any additional winnings accumulated from the balance will also be removed."

but congrats for winning that 100£ anyway!


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Thanks for replying! :)

BGO has been prompt to reply as well, so after an initial disappointment I understand the situation and am happy I won 100 GBP for nothing. :)

Cheers everyone.

Payment is on the way, btw.

Karl Newbold

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this is more or less the same as what i did, however i did find a loophole in the terms.

also after depositing i continued to bet, and although i almost lost the lot i got back to around 800