Tips Beware this scam - eGamingLab database misused?


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May 22, 2012
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OK, you may have seen this post in summer, totally ignored as we had no relevant input to add.

There seems to be some more concern regarding this shower:

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Hey everyone,

I got a call today and it seems that someone got his fingers on a database they now use to scam casino players.

Earlier this year a company called "egaming lab" started a couple of casinos which didnt last long. I guess betvuvu was one of the most popular ones, but they hold licences for more casinos:

All of these websites are not longer available, the whole group seems to be out of business.

Still I received a call today in which I was told, that egaming lab was fined by the MGA and now has to pay 400 Euro to all players who ever deposited to betvuvu. The guy on the phone had all my personal details and wanted to "guide me through the process" of the refund. He instructed me to download a program which would give him remote access to my computer. I wanted to see where it went but of course I didn't accept this and ended the call at this point.

I then received an email to my adress I use for registrations in online casinos telling me they would try to call again later. So whoever that was seems to have access to the players database. I am pretty sure that this is a scam since the email adress was not from their official domain but a simple gmail adress ([email protected]) and if they wanted to refund money to my account they could simply send it and dont need access to my computer. (Not mentioning the fact that I never deposited 400 Euro to the casino in the first place).

Did anyone else get this call today?

Always stay smart and dont fall for that scam if you get a call or an email and always protect your data!

Possibly prudent to make sure this gets added to CM too, in the possible event of members here being affected.


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Jun 23, 2013
Ah the old teamViewer scam, normally those are from India , good sounds like an ex employee with access to customer database, or customer details were sold on after they knew they were doing bust, or scammers dug up some old article about them being fined and had access to another database and decided to blind throw this out hoping a few on the list had played there...I had some Indian bloke try the TeamViewer scam on me a couple of years ago and I kept him on the hook for ages pretending to be some dumb luddite, then once I had had enough of toying with him I told him I was an expert in IT / networking and the rest and he said he would not call me ever again and put the phone down :) I remember at one point saying why the fuck do I need TeamViewer when Windows has RDP protocol built into it?.
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