Beware Platinum Play Neteller Bonus!!!!


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Jun 22, 2004
North America
By the letter of the law, I failed the Terms and Conditons, but this method is so underhanded I had to post it here as a warning to others. Platinum Play casino offers a 200% match, then throws another 20% if the deposit is 50 or more, and then the key is a 10% bonus if you used Neteller.

The wagering requirements on the first two are quite mundane. 15x the deposit + bbonus for the 200% and 20x the 20%. Fair enough, quite nice. So that means you'd need to wager(assuming a 50 unit deposit)

(100+50)x15=2250 units. Very generous of them.

The next bonus is also pretty good.
10x20=200 units

Ok, so a wagering requirement of 240 for that rather sizable bonus....not bad, right? Well, watch out for that Neteller 10% bonus! It has a wagering requirement......are you ready for this?
(50 + 5) X 10= $550!!!!!

You already wagered your initial deposit 15 times for the other bonus, so this is almost like a 110x requirement on the bonus. Holy smokes! I had not realized this 5 unit bonus had been added in with such strict wagering requirements, so I cashed out after wagering 2663.75 units. Well above the main deposit and also including the 10 unit bonus as well. I hadn't realized that this last bonus with such an incredible wagering requirement would be my downfall. I got an email this morning saying my withdraw and been processed and the 100 unit bonus removed because I failed to meet the wager requirement.

Anyways, I post this not to pitch a bitch because, to the letter of the law, I didn't meet the wagering requirements. However, if you do Platinum play, before you wager a DIME, have them remove the Neteller bonus. It is merely there to try to get you to void your larger deposit bonus, and in my case, it worked.
It seems that I never should have been credited the 10% bonus anyways. The bonus is for US dollars, while I played in pounds. Thus, the bonus they used to trap me never should have been there in the first place. It appears that may be my saving grace as the customer service person I spoke with also agreed and is looking to have it restored so I can cash out. I think the forfeiting of the bonus is completely rogueish when there is no way to check your wagering.

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