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Beware of Vegas Regal Casino. They are dishonest - read about it here

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Bonus Issues' started by joefrom, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. joefrom

    joefrom Dormant account PABnorogue

    I was ripped off by Vegas Regal Casino and therefore I want to warn the online gambling community of depositing at this dodgy site. This is what happened:

    Some weeks ago I registered at Vegas Regal Casino and I deposited six times and I requested a withdrawal three times. They paid me in some days everytime and everything was fine. There were always several promotions in my account and on each deposit I claimed a bonus.

    On the 23rd of June I deposited 50€ and I received a bonus of 150€. I was very lucky and soon my balance was about 800€. Of course I still had to wager a lot to clear the bonus so I played several sessions in the next days and I was still lucky because my balance hardly went down. The other day when I logged into the casino it said "no promotions available" and even the promotion that was still active had disappeared. My balance of 803€ was still in my account. But I knew that I could not withdraw it because I had not cleared the bonus yet. So I emailed the customer support asking them how much more I had to wager to clear the bonus.
    The other day I logged into my account and my balance of 803€ had disappeared and only 50€ were left. I received an email from them on the 28th of June that said:

    "Regrettably, that the active bonus has been removed and your last
    deposit has been added back to your account.
    This is due to your account being flagged for bonuses."

    I replied that they can exclude me from promotions but only from future promotions because I have not done anything that is forbidden and that should put back into my account the balance of 803€ or in other words the 753€ they confiscated in order to enable me to clear the bonus I had received.

    This time they replied:

    "Regrettably, a number of factors have led to our automated security
    system flagging your account as bonus ineligible. You will continue to
    be able to deposit and withdraw without using a bonus.
    I also have to inform you that managements decision stands your
    winnings will remain voided and your deposit has been added back to your

    I replied they could exclude me from future promotions but they could confiscate my balance only if I had breached their terms and that I have not done so. and therefore they should either restore my balance of 803€ or they should explain how I have breached their terms.

    This time they replied:

    "Following up on your email.
    Please note that the following terms are clearly stated on our
    Bonuses may be refused at the discretion of the management if abuse of promotions is suspected. All withdrawals will be audited and refused
    where there is suspected fraud or at the casino management's
    Any promotion or offer is terminable at any time in accordance with the
    views of the casino without prior notice or obligation"

    I replied that there is no such thing as bonus abuse as long as the player does not breach any terms and that this statement is too vague and they should explain what they exactly mean and that I hope they dont call me a fraudster because that would be libel and that they can terminate a promotion but once I have claimed it we have made a deal and they can back out from a deal only if I had breached the terms and they should either restore my balance or explain to me which term I breached. However, when I tried to send this email to them each time I received a message that said the email could not be delivered. Strange, I could email them all of the time but suddenly it was impossible. So I emailed them using a different email address and asking them the same simple questions again.

    This time I received an email not from the customer support but from the manager of Vegasregal - on the 19th of July - and he told me that the reason for confiscating my balance was not bonus abuse or fraud but it was irregular game play. He quoted this statement from their website You must register/login in order to see the link.

    "The Casino reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings for irregular play. 'Irregular play' includes but is not limited to the following types of play: Placing single bets equal to or in excess of 30% or more of the value of the bonus credited to the account prior to the play-through requirement for that bonus having been met."

    It is true that they have got this rule now and that I would have breached it because I bet more than 30% of the bonus amount. However, this rule did not exist when I played there. I played in June and they added this max bet rule in July so it does not apply in my case obviously because they cannot change the terms retrospectively. I can prove that I am telling the truth because I have made screenshots of the original terms that were there in June.

    Of course I replied that this max bet rule does not apply because it was not there when I claimed the bonus and I played with it but they do not reply anymore. Not surprisingly lol. What could they reply?

    I posted a complaint on the askgamblers site but Vegasregal ignored it just like they ignored maxd and my PAB. How sad and dirty it is that they treat me this way. And who knows to how many players they did something like that. Only a small minority of players who are not paid go public I suppose. Maybe Vegasregal is close to going broke and therefore they cannot pay the winners anymore but in this case they should not accept deposits anymore.

    Imo affiliates should stop promoting this casino now in order to prevent other players from being ripped off, too. And maybe they should be rogued by casinomeister. They are in the not recommended section now and maybe they should be rogued like some other rival casinos. And maybe a warning should be published like it was done about Casino770 recently.

    Oh and btw I contacted their licencing authority a week ago but they have not replied yet and I have heard they are notorious for not being helpful. So maybe I will never receive my legitimate winnings but at least I want to warn the online gambling community of this dodgy casino in order to prevent others from being treated by Vegasregal like they treated me. There are a lot of reputable casinos out there so do not put your money at risk by depositing at a dodgy site like Vegasregal.
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  2. rainmaker

    rainmaker I'm not a penguin CAG webmeister

    Hello you :)

    I googled part of your first sentence in this thread and found some of the same post in another forum. Just for your information, it is not a good idea to write a complaint in several forums. They are in my opinion a bad casino, but they will certainly not help you if you have written threads in many forums. Just a friendly advise.

    I do not know if you have a case of not.
  3. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    This is clear rogue behaviour. It is retrospective application of a new term.

    The play took place BEFORE they added some new terms, one of which was the 30% max bet rule. After adding these new rules, they applied them retrospectively to play that took place BEFORE this term was added, and thus found a reason to void the OP's winnings.

    This is not the only case from this casino.

    They are currently "not recommended", but their behaviour seems to have worsened considerably, and maybe their classification should "worsen" in the same manner to reflect this.

    PAB is no good in this case, as even if Max tried, they just don't respond.

    Maybe they are about to go bust, and are doing everything they can to stem the losses, no matter how rogue. Many Rival white label casinos went bust and had to be taken back by Rival themselves. It emerged that the white label owners were merely "super affiliates", skilled at marketing, but hopeless at designing promotions that would be profitable, hence they suffered losses through a string of poorly structured offers.

    ANY player that gets ahead at a Rival casino is at risk of being accused of "irregular play", even though analysis of the gameplay often shows they were simply lucky. This has always resulted in promotions disappearing from the lobby, but this new development of this being accompanied by confiscation of winnings from previous bonuses and winnings that are still in the account from play PRIOR to the decision to remove promotions is what crosses the line into rogue territory.

    Players who had read about these stories year on year since Rival launched, yet STILL play at Rival white label casinos need their heads examined.

    There are a small number of independent Rival casinos that seem to know what they are doing, and these are the only Rivals worth playing at - even this is not as safe as playing at CM accredited casinos.
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  4. ergopro

    ergopro Senior Member

    This very disturbing how fast downhill this place has gone in such a short time.
    I still wouldn't have compared Vegas Regal with other Rival white labels a while ago...I do now :(
    Their operation was way better than the regular semi-rogue Rivals.
    Probably a matter of time before they go belly up.
  5. Lucky Loser

    Lucky Loser Senior Member

    I no longer play at Rival casinos because I have no confidence I will get paid.

    The sooner some of these casinos go bust tne better. I am just sick and tired of their rogue tactics. It's just stealing money in my book.

    They are happy taking deposits but find excuses when have to pay.:mad:
  6. joefrom

    joefrom Dormant account PABnorogue

    sorry but I do not understand you. It is true that I posted a complaint about Vegasregal also on another forum and not surprisingly it was ignored by Vegasregal. I mentioned it in my post ("I posted a complaint on the askgamblers site but Vegasregal ignored it just like they ignored maxd and my PAB"). And Vegasregal does not reply anymore when I email them. You say"they will certainly not help you". Do you mean Vegasregal by "they"? No, obviously they do not want to pay me. No matter if I post my story on forums. They had a lot of time to change their mind before I went public but they refused to restore my balance and now I want to warn other players from depositing at Vegasregal in order not to be ripped off like me.
  7. rainmaker

    rainmaker I'm not a penguin CAG webmeister

    Oki, sorry about that. I did not read your post here since I saw it on another forum. It was a friendly advise, I thought you were in a dialogue with them and just wanted to mention that it is not a good idea to write a complaint on several forums. But like I said, they are a bad casino. Bad bad :)
  8. Bencuri

    Bencuri Experienced Member PABnononaccred

    Indeed, such tactics are irritating. But it makes difference where that 30% rule is written: was it written on the overview of the bonus terms in the cashier, or it was written only on the website of the casino? At Rival you can meet the exact terms in the cashier in the bonus overview of each bonus. I got used to it, and I think also many others. In case the 30% rule was not included there, it is not a honest thing to confiscate winnings. In case it was written there, well, then the casino cannot be blamed that much, because that overview should definately be checked before starting to play. But in case it was not there, that is definately a tactic to collect the winnings back somehow from the players. I think it is not ethical when a casino doesn't list the bonus terms in one place, all together. If you read the overview in the cashier, you might think: okay, these are the rules, I will follow these, and then it reveals that there are other rules not mentioned only at another place. I hate such practices. I think the ethical way is to present every rule that are attached to a bonus in one single section, so that you can be sure you don't miss anything. If the rules are not presented this way, you can easily fell into the mistake that you miss something. I have seen cases when some of the the rules of a bonus were written on the bottom of the banner, some additional rules were written into a so called 'promotion terms' page, and other important rules were written only to the terms and conditions. Ad even after this you didn't know what the specific rules are for your bonus code, until the live chat operator gave me a link, that I didn't find on the website, and that custom link revealed very different rules that I could read until that point. With such experience, you can never make sure where some forgotten rules are. It is ridiculous that you should read through the entire site to collect all the terms you need, you find one here, one there, another at another place, and also some others elsewhere that are in opposition to the ones found before. This is unethical.
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  9. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    Rival casinos, and in particular Vegas Regal, have really gone down the drain. I couldnt withdraw on a free chip because they suddenly removed a number of banking option but since its only 50 bucks I can live with it. As for the op's complaint, originally the beauty of the Rival software was their withdrawals were conducted in neat fashion. If the cashier deems you have completed your wrs your withdrawal is considered successful otherwise it just wont work. Rival casinos were not known to backtrack and accuse you of this or that with the possible exception of TIV and Rockbet and ultimately all cashouts were paid although it is obvious cashflow problems persisted. I am under no illusions that the Rival brand will be a thing of the past soon if they continue this roguish behaviour.

    Its really a pity as they were very promising when they arrived on the scene with excellent games. Now even Slotocash, widely considered as the best Rival casino, has attracted its fair share of complaints. In a nutshell, I am not optimistic about their prospects.
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  10. joefrom

    joefrom Dormant account PABnorogue

    Well, it looks like some members of this forum do not read posts thoroughly before they reply even though one should do so for obvious reasons. When I deposited and played at Vegasregal they had no max bet rule at all. Therefore I posted:

    "It is true that they have got this rule now and that I would have breached it because I bet more than 30% of the bonus amount. However, this rule did not exist when I played there. I played in June and they added this max bet rule in July so it does not apply in my case obviously because they cannot change the terms retrospectively. I can prove that I am telling the truth because I have made screenshots of the original terms that were there in June."
  11. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    This isnt exactly complimentary of the posters who tried to help. In criticising others who have not read your post in detail have you ever thought of summarising your facts in better fashion so they are easily understood.
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  12. joefrom

    joefrom Dormant account PABnorogue

    I am sorry if I have been rude. I did not want to offend anybody. But I am not a native speaker and therefore I am sometimes not sure about the meaning of words and maybe my first post was not perfect but that is because it is difficult for me to say everything in english.
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  13. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    Regrettably I have to totally agree with this part of your post. :(

    What confuses me more than anything, is why can't Rival see what they are doing to their brand (committing slow suicide) when it's blatantly obvious to everyone else? :confused:
    And why is it so difficult to fix?
    To me, it's very simple; Communicate with your players, pay them quickly, and stop these ridiculous confiscations of winnings from players who play within the bonus terms.
    Hardly rocket science!

    Anyway, due to this thread (and the other one here at CM) I have stopped promoting Vegas Regal and added them to my Blacklist.
    Who's next? :(

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  14. Silencio

    Silencio Dormant account

    Me too, rip vegas regal, if we buried you alive I will help dig you out I swear :p
    box24 and black diamond are the last good ones left I guess.. never made a deposit at those 2 myself though.
  15. ergopro

    ergopro Senior Member

    Did that a while ago as well.
    Regal was the last Rival at our site...now gone as well, and a warning issued.
    Too bad Slotocash, Desert Nights, Box24, Black Diamond and Spartan Slots banned all players from Finland. They'd now be much better than Regal.
  16. joefrom

    joefrom Dormant account PABnorogue

    here are some news about this case:

    I sent several emails to the licencing authority of Vegasregal in which I told them how I was ripped off by Vegasregal but I never received a reply. this is the licencing authority:

    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    Maxd had told me that curacao-egaming is notorious for not being helpful but I could give it a try in spite of that. So he was right and the licence that Vegasregal has got is useless. on the homepage of Vegasregal it says "licenced and regulated". yeah right. lol.

    So I gave up and I requested a withdrawal of my deposit of 50€. Guess what happened then? Yes, they do not want to return my deposit as if it was not enough that they stole my winnings lol. They demand that I send a notarized ID to them. haha.
    They processed several withdrawals some months ago and the biggest amount was more than 400€ and they never demanded a notarized ID. strange, isnt it?
    Of course I will not get me a notarized ID because I guess it would cost more than 50€.
    So now they save 50€ but their reputation gets damaged even more because I post this on online forums. I warned them of it but they did not listen. how stupid and dirty they are lol.

    Thanks to those affiliates who stopped promoting them like Kasinoking who put Vegasregal on his blacklist. well done. shame on those affiliates who still promote them even though they should know it better.

    hopefully players avoid Vegasregal like the plague now because obviously they are totally rogue, a bunch of thieves.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2011
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  17. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    Well, VR also owes me $50 as winnings from a free chip. I cannot cash out because they do not allow the use of ecocard anymore and I cannot use MB or Neteller. In the past, I could deposit via ecocard at VR but they pulled it out months ago.
  18. LaHutti

    LaHutti Sr. ÜberUnter Ass. Man. webby PABnonaccred PABinit

    Sounds to me, like there is only one suitable place for these guys > Da pit.
    Would it be the first time, that every casino, using one specific software, was to be found in the pit, when the last few follow ?
    I simply don't understand Rival, and they can blame noone but themselves, when they go belly up.
  19. colly

    colly Senior Member MM PABaccred

    I suspect RTG came pretty close a few years ago (which forced them to open a complaints handling area- not that its that effective)- A few good casino operators saved it but it makes many wary= I basically stick to a few accredited RTGS and won't touch new ones until they are operating for quite a while= I also tend to run for the hills when an existing RTG is taken ove.

    Rival I quite like the games but in truth have NEVER deposited as they all seem to high risk
  20. Gremmyboy

    Gremmyboy Dormant account

    I don't think they want to fix it! :rolleyes:
    They're making a squillion dollars from players playing at their dodgy casinos and being ripped off, Plus all the legitimate earnings they make, plus all the jackpot amounts that will suddenly disappear into their pockets!
    If it all goes belly up, they walk away with a bunch of cash and only lose a hundred thousand lines of codes! :eek:

    Win Win for them all the way!:rolleyes:


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