Beware of Slots Affiliates


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Mar 8, 2017
Slots Affiliates (Outdated URL (Invalid)is very new, they opened in November last year (2018) and they are boasting 100% revenue share for the first 6 months of the partnership. We joined up with them late November and actively advertised them from December the 1st.

During December we sent them a couple of our bigger players whom we are fortunate enough to have communication with through our Cash Back program, these players let us know that they had played and lost good sized amounts and so we excitedly went to see the stats on the Slots Affiliates platform.
We were somewhat surprised to see no activity in our account, so I urgently emailed our contact at Slots Affiliates to see if there was some sort of problem.
She replied a few days later with a very strange email claiming that they had tried to get in contact with us several times, but we had never responded, she also said we were being unprofessional and it was deeply concerning behavior. This has all since been disproved and as it turns out they did not try to contact us at all.
They also said that they were having "problems with their platform" and it would all be "fixed as soon as possible".
Several more days passed and still nothing was fixed, so I sent them a reminder to see what was happening.

The next email we received from them stated that our account had been suspended and was under investigation.
Eventually I managed to get them to tell me that they saw our Cash Back program and had decided that it was incentivizing players and therefore violated one of their terms and conditions, and that (management) "wish to exercise their right in respect of suspension and non-payment".
We did make Slots Affiliates fully aware of our Cash Back program during the sign up process, prior to our agreement commencing. There was no objection raised at that time.

I have a strong feeling that if we had not been fortunate enough to learn from our players that they had signed up and lost funds at Slots Affiliates, we never would have known. There was never any sign of these players in our stats.

I am now in what is about to become a legal battle with them to claim our revenue.

Based on all this, I also now understand how they can offer 100% revenue share...

This is a cautionary report for other affiliates out there. Please be aware that this happens.

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