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Sep 18, 2004
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I received an email from "Sam and Emma" with a $50 ND bonus coupon. After downloading/installing the software, I opened an account and redeemed the coupon. No problem. I made the WR the first day and even got up a bit, so on the second day, I withdrew it. NO problem again, except the next day, the withdrawal was denied and the "manager" took back all the money in the account. I emailed support

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Sent: Saturday, November 06, 2004 4:54 AM
Subject: suzecat

I had $50 in my account and the manager withdrew it. I redeemed coupon GIANT50 and played for a while. When I went back to play the next day, the money was gone. Please explain.

and was told that:

Regarding your email, I'm afraid that there was some confusion with the GIANT50 coupon. You see, this promotion was only intended for a handful of players invited specifically by the Casino Owners, this promotion was sent out by email to the selected players. Word of this coupon got out and was posted on gambling forums which we have no control over. After checking our files, I'm afraid that we won't be able to send you your winnings due to the fact that this promotion was not intended for you and the personal email wasn't sent to you.

We are very sorry for the misunderstanding, but we can't control what is posted on the gambling forums, and unfortunately most of the information posted their is incorrect or inactive. Please contact us at any time should you have any questions or comments.

Best Regards,

Giant Vegas
Help Desk--Emely

Since I HAD received the coupon from an email, I told them so. They have ignored me since then.
First of all your avatar really screwed with my head. It took me WAY too long to read your message, my eye was drawn to you eye and I kept losing my

It seems odd they would give you this much hassle over fifty bucks. I might be somewhat understanding if you took the $50.00 and turned it into $500.00.
I think you did the right thing posting it here. I also hope the casino does the right thing and pay's you. It would be a shame to lose a new player over fifty bucks. For all they know you could be a big player. Good luck.
Go to the pitch a bitch section and make a complaint with montana. They should be able to help as with all RTG complaints.
One thing bothers me here, why would they send out an email to someone who is not already a member of the casino! where did they get the email address from in the first place??

I am not doubting you for 1 minute suzecat but if they send emails to prospective customers how the heck can they tell if you received it or not and deny you a cashout on that basis.

I am confused :confused:
What I am questioning also is why it was a no deposit bonus for a select few players, usually no deposit bonuses are given to attract new players.

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