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Jun 12, 2003

Even though Casino On Net is listed as a reputable casino, watch out!!!

I had a $2000 cashin pending; and when I did it, I said to myself, don't reverse the cashin, just leave it there and wait the 5-8 days. If everything would have proceeded "normally", I would of had the money.

However, Casino On Net decides to send me an email that goes something like this:

"Congratulations, we have put a $100 bonus in your account. Surprised, better get used to it, because the more you play the more bonuses you can get"

So Casino On Net gives me a free $100 bonus. Seems on the surface to be a nice gesture. And me and my infinite wisdom decides to play it. Then I lose it. Then I decide to reverse the cashin and play. Then I lose all that. Etc. Etc.

So, now lets have a look. Could it be that Casino On Net routinely sends bonuses to players while they have cashins pending to try to "sway" them to reverse the cashin and lose their money? Could it be they train their employees that way?

Pure speculation, and of course I have no proof. But it does make you wonder. If so, I congratulate them on exploiting my "weaknesses". This sure is a "dog eat dog" world :)


I'm sure most gamblers can relate to your experience, I can; Not so far as the $100 bonus, but the reversing of a cash in.

At the end of the day, I don't know of any casino's that don't allow the player to reverse thier cash in. Which at the end of the day would be a good idea.

However in retrosepct ( no offense intended ) at a Land based casino, there's nothing to prevent a gambler from blowing their winnings either, so in this regard, it comes down to self control.

I know of some people who actually cash out & then remove the casino from their PC. Bit of a deterent in case they get ichy fingers.

Although I know what it's like to have money pending a withdraw & know I can just reverse some of it, especially when you think Lady Luck is at your side :)

I'm sorry to hear that you blew your winnings all the same.

Yes, this comes down to self control. Once you cash in, forget about it. In fact, there are a number of casinos that will waive the cashin waiting period if you just ask for it. You can't really blame a casino for sending you a bonus, or making some offer to keep you playing, that is their objective; to keep their players loyal.

I look at gambling as a test of wills and self-control. It can actually improve your character by giving you the opportunity to say "no" when your emotions are saying "yes". It's difficult to make any improvements unless you face opposition. Unfortunately, some folks lose in the struggle.
To Be Honest. Casino On Net does surprise their players with bonuses. They have plenty of Cashon their hands. I have dealt with CON since 1998 or so. Infact it was the 3rd casino I've played on the net. It has nothing to do with your cashouts. They "actually" does the bonus random. But because you played with a large amount. They want to keep you happy. I do disagree with their 5 days waiting policy. But they have had that policy since their beginning. And will not move from it
Even though I can't play here ( I live in Australia ) Lasseters land based casino's have a very good reputation. Their online venues mirror their land based business integrity also.
I cashed out via neteller from Lasseters. Two hours! In my account. Amazing! Far cry from the six weeks I've waited from Grand Banks. As for CON. How can anyone complain about being handed a free hundred. I've gotten a couple of $20's from these guys and no where does it require a deposit or cashin reversal. Like Bryan said above it is a matter of will power. I guess you need to improve yours or get out of the game. On the bright side, a big 2K loss might generate a nice surprise bonus. Lets hope you get to keep it next time.

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CON gave me a free $100 and my balance was nil.. was completely out of the blue, I was quite surprised.. CON is a CLASSY casino.
I agree with you. I stopped playing for weeks as I had lost loads then I got an email to say they had given me 500 great I thought but lost it within 5 mins hand after hand you then think surely the cards must change so cash in some more and guess what lose lose. They have so mush money because they make so much making people lose!! Not honest I would say
Casino on net is top drawer, and complaining about getting a free 100$ is absurd. Half the time players complain bonuses are too lousy, then when casinos just give away free money people complain that they dont want it..I guess the casinos just cant win...But if CON is reading this thread, feel free to throw some money in my account :talker:
Its a mind game they play with you, if you reverse your cashout, and cashout again later, you have to wait yet another 5 days for them to process your cashout. They know that 90% of people fall victim to that temptation, it sucks bigtime, because it seems when you reverse your cashout thats when you get taken down really hard.
About 3 years ago, CON must have had a glitch becuase I won over $10,000 playing BJ stating with a measly $25. But guess what happened, a couple days after I had started the cashout process toofast got greedy and thought he could win more, guess what happened then, I spent the whole lot of if in one terrible terrible session, geeeze if I didn't feel like an ass for about the next month or so. It ate me up that I had that money sitting right there and spent it all. After that I was cursed never to win again at CON, oh well, I did actually get about $5k out of them before this happened. Personally I will never never never play there again, just becuase I do not trust them even a tiny bit.
OUCH! That is such a painful story toofast! I'm sure we all know that feeling though, but not many of us to that magnitude though :-(

The Vegas Strip casinos, RTG, ( used to pull a similar trick. They may still, but I haven't played there for years after they told me to screw because I was a bonus hunter.

They would have bonuses every weekend that were always great deals. $50 - 100 match with low playthru (started around 2x and went up to like 6x or 8x by the time they figured out they were going broke). The trick was, you'd make the deposit, get the bonus and play it over the weekend and make a w/d. Then they wouldn't process it for about 7 BUSINESS days. This meant, until after the next weekend. The trick was, they'd offer another bonus the following weekend and the RTG software would not allow you to make a new deposit while a cashin was pending! You HAD to reverse your previous cashin before you could make a deposit, though they did for a while count the reversal as a deposit. But that stopped the clock and it wouldn't start again until a subsequent w/d. Cute trick. But you could get around it by staggering the play at different casinos over the weekends.

Those were the days!
Why I certainly agree that Vegas Strip are crooks what jpm is saying is not entirely true. VS had, I think, 4 casinos and they took turn offering bonuses. So if you only played with bonuses you would never play the same casino more than once every two weeks. In fact I don't remember ever having to reverse a withdrawel with them to qualify for a bonus.
Nope, they had 5 different casinos in that group. Club MardiGras, Club Regal, Cleopatra's, eWorld, and America's Online and they had their weekend bonuses virtually every weekend. This is going back at least two years now, but I remember it well because it was such a cash cow! They started out with only 2x wagering and then quickly upped that and lowered the bonus amounts, added game restrictions, etc.

Windows Casino, Golden Comps and Magic Oasis were doing pretty much the same things then too, but they caught on quicker and started spreading the bonuses out a little more.

I clearly remember reversing cashins on more than one occassion to get a weekend bonus, but like I said, for a while they did count that as a deposit which was cool. Then as they wised up, they also began staggering and spreading out the bonuses and booting players. It was fun while it lasted though!
Yes, but only one casino was offering a weekend bonus at a time. So e-World for example would only be offering a weekend-bonus every fifth week. By the way, they not only offered weekend-bonus. At one point they also had a smaller bonus every mid-week (Tuesday I think). But the system was the same - they took turn offering it.

Really, it's a bit silly to debate but it sure brings back memories of the good old days of bonuses :)
Yeah, those were the good old days for sure.

I forgot about those midweek bonuses, lol. No wonder they had to ripoff all of Denmark, they needed to cover all this money they were spreading around.

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