BEWARE !!! of AffEurope and City Club Casinos


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Mar 9, 2010
I apologize first for my english and grammar

NOw back to the story, I started to promote some Casino Rooms which I made totally new, after the LAC in London where I met some Casino Manager.

Also an Affiliate Manager called Meital Hillel ( female ) , we agreed on a Deal and i integrate the Casino "City Club Casino" into my site, wrote the review everything fine.

Now i wanted to play at this Casino and see how it works, so i start to deposit 50 with a 400% bonus , which I have to wager 20x , after that i deposit again 50 and got a 100% Bonus again with 20x wager requirements.

As i lost all time and also was bored i deposit over 100 with a bonus . Same here no chance to clear the wager requirements.

SO then I decided to deposit 500 and send before that an email to the support ( as there was not support Button on the Client )

And asked them in the email to dedcut my Bonus as i dont want to play with the 20x wager requirements anymore.

I got no answer back and i was starting playing, and hit of course and won a small amount of 750 and now i try to cash out ( of course nowhere it says how much u need to wager more to be able to withdraw , so u have no overview about this ) , i tried it several times and always it says, You cant withdraw as you dont me the requirements.

After over 8 hours i got an email and they say , they blocked my account for further Bonusse.

WTF !!!!!!!!!! 8 hours later

I spoke to the Affiliate Manager and told her Im not accepting this , it cant be that a support is acting 8 hours later , she told me she will speak with the responsible person and come back to me.

Ofc she didnt, after i threat with going public with the matter she say :

[5:52:12 PM] Meital Hillel: Marc will email you, he is checking the issue
[5:55:53 PM] Meital Hillel: you got an email
[5:56:19 PM] XXXXX: which email
[5:56:45 PM] Meital Hillel: whats your email address

So , I looked to my email and got this as an answer

On the 5th of March 2010 you opened a player account through your own
affiliate link at (affiliate username - ammo007)

You deposited an initial 50 Euro, you then made a further 3 deposits
which in total came to $1,056.43 and you proceeded to lose the vast
majority of the balance.
I must state that according to our terms and conditions Clause 5.6 it
clearly states the following:
'It is not permissible for an affiliate to become a player at any of
AffEuropes properties using their own links. Such a player will not be
considered a referred player in their affiliate account And will be
regarded as a fraud player. Furthermore an affiliate who attempts to
play at one of our properties using their own links other than a
preapproved test by AffEurope Will be in breach of our terms and
conditions and we reserve the right to withhold both affiliate and
player payments in this situation.'
You have made open threats that you will go to Affiliate and player
forums in regards this issue. I urge you for your own reputation not to
do this as the decision that i have taken has been with the approval of
the heads of several leading forums.

After a complete investigation involving our head of Fraud and myself we
have concluded that the betting patterns and the amounts were clearly
not used as a test but to defraud the casino.

The management at AffEurope have taken your claim that you signed up to
test the casino as serious. Having investigated the matter i have no
choice but to suspend your affiliate account with immediate effect.

If you wish to continue playing at our casino you may do so but it will
obviously not track under any affiliate user.

I hope this clears up the issue

Marc Benezra

I want to make clear, my point is not that i want my account reffered to me, Im complaing that the support didnt act in time ( 8hrs later) and i cldnt withdraw any money of my winnings because of that.

What the hell is wrong with them ? CLosing my Affiliate Account
Anyhow after that i found a bunch of players who are complaing of her Casinos all time. They dont pay players and they are the most shady Company i ever met.
Im telling here what happen to me, so that before someone are starting to playing there is thinking double and triple before depositing any money into their Casinos.

Her sites are Crown Europe Casino aswell and AffEurope is her Affiliate program.

Keep miles away from them
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Mar 22, 2010
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Hi there,

A bit odd no one has yet replied to this one, but i'll give you a few of my cents:)

First off, you did t wrong.. You first test the Casino, THEN, when you have faith in their operation, and carefully tested them, you may follow up with a representation. Also you say you wrote the refview, but basically you just sucked some info out of your thumb to fill the page...

That is a very important sequence i hope you will now follow, should you wish to continue in that "line of work".
Due diligence is not only sensible, but also almost an unwritten rule.. I get sometimes you don't feel like scrutinizing the whole smickschmack of rules and conditions per Casino, however, this will protect you. Also, if you follow the "few" here that are proper affiliates, including of course the Meister himself, then you can save yourself a lot of the thorough reading and testing and play at sites already recommended by them, all of course under the assumption they applied the above sequence:)

About Crown Europe, the name rings a bell, and it's not a positive one, but i may be wrong: for that you can still pursue a few courses of action, one of them may be a PAB read more about that here:
Link Outdated / Removed

And you can also contact the governing bodies that hold the license of this Crown Casino, that may be of help, i could have looked up all the info, but it appears you are in need of some "due diligence experience" so i will let you start from here.
Good luck.


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May 29, 2004
A 5-year old thread.. I think maybe Incrediblestuff is smoking the same stuff as the cat in his avatar :D


Mar 22, 2010
Mostly the Netherlands
Sorry guys, i just saw a post of his and the "newbie member" tag, clicked his profile, then "show threads started" and then spotted this one, totally missed the date, figured it was all very recent:) ( i noticed the guy was posting actively for the last 24 hours, so figured he was just busy, which made me curious, and as such this oversight occurred" Still, the and still is useful, even 5 years later, although maybe not so much for him anymore:)

I am very happy you also blame the weed:p


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Dec 6, 2011
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Now Aff europe ( affiliate program is closed) abaout they casinos City - Crown they have poor bonus rulez max cashauts in welcome promotions ( x 10 deposit amount in City and x 20 deposit amount in Crow ( 400%-200% ) is sticky ( bonus amount dealted after somone finish wagering)