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Jul 19, 2002
I posted this on WOL but I want to post the text here to give it more exposure. You can check out the thread by following this link:
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It answers some questions you may have - such as was VP allowed? Did I sign up when VP was allowed? What has happened so far? ETC ETC.

so I signed up with these guys [Miami Paradise] awhile ago. I did their first deposit bonus, which at the time had some not bad playthrough requirements and allowed VP for play. I ended up losing my deposit and bonus pretty quick.

A few weeks later I get a promotion in the mail, deposit 90 get 45 wager 6xD+B, VP is allowed according to their website.

I go and play and make it to $200. So I cash out. They reverse it and claim I have to wager $3000 (!!!) and VP is NOT allowed (only slots and Keno). I tell them to look at their own website, and all i get in return is "You have to wager $3000" - this from Mercedes, the casino manager.

So not only do they have NO problem whatsoever lying through their teeth, but they RETROACTIVELY up the wagering requirements, RETROACTIVELY exclude games, and RETROACTIVELY make the wagering requirements CARRY OVER !!!

What an absolutely scummy way to treat their players, and I will DEFINATELY not be playing there again. I suggest you do the same, as this kind of behavior is abhorent.

ps. i ended up losing my $200 cashout playing their damn slots.
HI Gamblinboi,

You should have lodged a complaint with me first.

I was following your thread at WOL and was dealing with somewhat of the same problem over here.

[color=0000ff]I played at this casino, and wagered in accordance with the t&cs, and went to cash out a small profit of $40 ($100 in total on a 60 deposit). I then got an email saying the cashout was reversed due to me not wagering 3300 on slots (the WR stated in the T&C's stated video poker was allowed and 1500 was the WR). After a couple of emails with customer support, they admitted that I had complied with the T&C's at the time I had played so my cashout would be allowed. I was told this cashout would be in my Neteller account (that I had used to make my initial deposit). A week passed. Nothing in my Neteller account, so I emailed the casino, no reply, another week passed, another email, no response, so now 4 weeks later, they have not replied at all to my past 4 emails. If I look at my account details in the casino, it says that i was paid by Neteller on the 14th April. I clearly was not, and would be happy for you to see details of my Neteller account to confirm that![/color]

Initially, I contacted the player support to try and resolve this because it sounded like a case of the right hand not talking to the left hand. But their support seemed a bit confused on the matter, so I went to the management/operator level and it was ironed out right away. There was a lot of confusion at the support level because this player had inadvertently given them the email addresses he was using for their sister sites.

It's been resolved in the player's favor now.

WOL is a nice place to vent, but that's about as far as it goes.
Hi Bryan,

I'll be honest with you .. the reason I didn't lodge a complaint with you, or anyone, is that i'm tired of having to do that. I'm tired of having to go complain to someone to help me out. I'm tired of casinos jerking me around. I'm starting to think that they think it's okay to do it. Well it's not. They deserve bad press. I mean crikey, if they did it to you, they probably did it to EVERYONE!!! Unbelievable!

Now take a look at the thread on WOL. See what slycin posted? Another reason I didn't go complaining to you or anyone else first. Because I dont know, I just thought all i'd get would be "You again! Look at all this trouble, it's obviously your fault!" *sigh*

Amazingly, they sent me an email saying they'd process my cashout - AFTER I lost it trying to do the unfair wagering that they forced on me. When I pointed this out, they sent me an email saying th reason I can't cash out is because I "wagered" the $200 after they reversed it. *DUH*.

I think if a Casino can void play in the case that a player abuses a bonus, they should also be able to void the play in the case the CASINO abuses a bonus! And that is CLEARLY what happend here. And golly if it happened to you, it happened to me, I'd bet there are hundreds of others out there that are getting the same shaft!

<hr size=0>quote:<p>I'll be honest with you .. the reason I didn't lodge a complaint with you, or anyone, is that i'm tired of having to do that. I'm tired of having to go complain to someone to help me out.<hr size=0>​
Exactly, I wish my "pitch a bitch" was rarely used. There should be no reason why anyone would need to come to me. But unfortunately, there are a lot of customer service problems out there.

Much of it I feel is the rate of growth these casinos have paired against the customer expectations. Plus many casinos, especially those in the Caribbean employ non-native English speakers, so there is a element of language problems thrown into the equation. Then talk about bonuses. You have to be a lawyer on crack to follow some of the terms and conditions that are consistently changed at the casino.

And then when there is a problem, what can one do? :wtf:

I feel your frustration. I feel your pain.
As posted on WOL:

jumping jacks..

Well, I must say that I am impressed. They've refunded the $200 to my casino account and are allowing me to cash it out.

This is definately a good sign that they want to be taken seriously online. I will post an update when the money hits my neteller. Thank goodness the scandal is nearly over, and Miami Paradise chose to make good!! :D
FYI, ALL of the Cryptologic casinos do retroactive wagering rules. Even if you lose your whole bankroll, they won't let you cashin the next time until you've finished the wagering requirements of your last bonus. And it gets even more complex if multiple bonuses are involved.
jpm, no there is something quite different about RETROACTIVE and CUMMULATIVE. Cryptos (some of 'em, not inter) do cummulative. Retroactive means if you deposit under one set of rules, win, and then try to cash out, the casino can go "we changed the rules, you have to do this now.."
Well, I wouldn't call that retroactive, I'd call that fraudulent and borderline criminal.

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