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May 30, 2010
Hello everyone.
I wanted to share an important incident which could be interested for you.
I was a vip poker player of bet365. The network is ipoker. Last month I met some one from another poker discussion forum. While we were chatting in the chat box we decided to play poker.

In a 2 player table we had met each other. We played poker, than I beat him out about 600 euros. After a while ipoker blocked my account with the founds because of cohesive play. They wanted me to explain why I made this. I was chocked. I made many many explanations, they never found it satisfactory, than I confessed that I made collusion for the found transfer which wasn't correct. I wanted to try my chance but this time they definitely blocked me.

I'm innocent, I didn't make collusion but I have nothing to do.
In bet365 poker program, I think there is something which checks the ip's. While I was playing in 2 players table, the program saw the same ip which I was playing, in the chat. So that ipoker thought this was a collusion.

I didn't know that it I shouldn't chat with the people I was playing. Now, I've nothing to prove my innocence.

If someone have a suggestion for me I would be glad.
Thank you


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Dec 2, 2006
miami fl
why did you confess about something you "DID NOT DO"??:rolleyes: