Beware Frontroom Casino - advertising outdatet Promotion


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Sep 16, 2006
Hi my name is Meral, about a week ago i signed up with Frontroom Casino. The incentive for me to sign up was theire 50 Pounds sign up Bonus advertised on the Frontpage. After wagering the required amount i claimed the Bonus via Email just to recive an email that the promotion endet more then 2 Month ago.

I know that i dont have a chance of insisting on the Bonus since after reading the Terms and Conditions again, the end of the Promotion is mentioned. I just want to warn fellow players of that highly unproffesional behaviour.

After reading the rules i wrote an email to the Casino Contact of Frontroom to inform him again of the outdatet Promotion still advertised in Big Letters on the Frontpage without getting a respond.

As of right now the Sign Up Bonus is still advertised.
When i read the complaints of other Players mine seems minor but what makes me really angry is that the promotion i referred to is still advertised more then 3 Months outdatet by now, i wrote emails to the eliteclub rep in this forum without getting a response. Frontroom Support does not bother aswell.

I wonder how many novice Player got lured into depositing under the impression that they had a bonus waiting for them.

We are not talking about a tiny banner but two-thirds of the screen on the frontpage.

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