BEWARE!! Europartners Missing Payments!!


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Nov 19, 2019
Europartners have been dodging and avoiding paying their affiliates this is our experience!

Over the course of months of chasing and being referred to many different representatives we became aware that this company where not going to pay us through any means necessary!

We had been told that due to our negative carry over that happened in June we were not going to be paid any revenue for the previous month’s, these being February, March, April and May which does not make any sense at all.

They had decided to drag this out for ages we had relentlessly followed up on the progress of our missing payments and to receive very vague and unclear answers. We contacted them first on the 16th of July the representative said he would take care of our request and let us know more.

We followed up on this to get a response that he is no longer taking care of this brand and will pass us on to someone who is. We followed up with the second representative who gave us the response that it is due to our negative carry over in June that we should not receive our previous revenue that we made at the beginning of the year.


After being passed to another person for the third time we got the same nonsense reply and that they were going to escalate our issue to management.

It’s clear to see that they are just dragging out the process in hope that we do not follow up on them and lose interest in the way they are trying to run or in this case not run things.

This is not the kind of treatment you would expect after almost 10 years of working with them!

We hope that this experience can be useful to other affiliates and that they avoid the same misfortune as we have experienced.

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