BEWARE ChitChatBingo


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May 23, 2010
Stay away from this site ChitChatBingo

The bonus money they give you is really just play money, I made a deposit and got a deposit match bonus, I lost my deposit and then won with the bonus money, The money I won went onto the bonus money and not real money, So it turns out, If you win with bonus, it goes back onto bonus, How stupid is that. Whats the point in giving a bonus if the only time you can spend it is when your real money is gone and you can't win real money with it. So stupid.
I sent them a very nice email telling them to stick there site where the moonlight shines. If i wanted play money, Why would I deposit. I would simply sigh up to one of those free bingo sites that people play for points.

There deposit match bonus is a scam and misleading, It really should say, We will match your deposit with play money.(which will never be any use to you)


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Aug 25, 2010
Most bingo sites try and con people with bonuses I've been in a few bingo rooms where people are having chat arguments over withdrawals. You have highlighted why they give away bonuses like sweets unfortunately I look at it that bingo sites are just for fun you should never really hope to go away with a profit play with the free money they usually give then move on to somewhere else.