Betzest voids 3500 euro balance legit?


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Sep 19, 2008
Betzest: faceplant of the year 2020 award winner. Meanwhile on the Betzest testimonials page...

At first glance – looking at the design, software providers andbfeatures, Betzest seems to be a promising new brand. If we add well-known and trusted people who stand behind it – who have a solid track record of being highly professional and skilled – there’s no doubt that we
can look forward to a well established operation.



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Aug 25, 2004
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Betzest: faceplant of the year 2020 award winner. Meanwhile on the Betzest testimonials page...
Yeah - that was obviously written when they first launched.

We all had very high hopes back then: I had met the guy who started Betzest many times before when he was with Redbet, and he was one of the nicest and hardest working guys I have ever met in the casino business.
I don't know if he is still with Betzest, but if he is he should be hanging his head in shame at the ludicrous, moronic mistake the casino manager has made :(



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Feb 5, 2021
Dear Sir,

Regarding your betting activity, our system is more than correct and recorded it precisely.

It seems that, not in one, but in three instances during bonus wagering, you used a feature called re-try free spin. In the moment that you refused the first legit winnings from the free spins, the winning amount that you refused, since it was already added to your balance, was considered a legit bet by the Microgaming system, as it normally contributes to the wagering (Outdated URL (Invalid)). Hence the breach of the clause 3.12. You repeated this two more times during your bonus wagering, knowing very well that this would contribute to the wagering and hence it would be easier to wager the amount using this feature.

Since you can see your balance during the game, you could easily understand that this feature has those specific mechanics, but you carried on and used that feature two more times, as we said above.

Furthermore, according to clause 3.13 of our Bonus T&C’s this feature is considered irregular play and we quote: “Using the “Double-Up”, gamble feature or any other feature within a game to increase win values” and it is clear that you used this feature to increase the winnings as in the first instance of the 59.5€ bet, where the initial bet was 2.5€ and the winnings from the free spins that you forfeited were 57€, and the whole session was rightly considered as a 59.5€ bet (Outdated URL (Invalid)). From the re-try on this bet you won 84€ and this was a 27€ increase on your original 57€ win. The same option was used for the other two instances.

In the light of the above the breach of the two clauses of our Bonus T&C’s stands. Your deposit was returned and the winnings were confiscated according to clause 1.5.3 “If Betzest suspect or detect any Irregular Play, Betzest may disqualify You from the Bonus and withhold withdrawals and/or confiscate winnings and/or close Your Account.”

We kindly remind you that you accepted these T&C’s when you registered at the site. Nevertheless, as a gesture of good will, we offered you the same bonus again with a kind reminder to read carefully our T&C’s. This offer still stands. We also remind you that you were paid correctly and fast, when you played in adherence with our bonus T&C's before this case.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for being a member of Betzest.

Kind Regards.

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That's why I will never ever take any bonus.... unless it will be wagering free. You push wrong button and poof, gone. You need to be walking encyclopedia of all slot games.


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Aug 6, 2020
Update: Still haven't heard anything from the license provider. Betzest sent a email not long after the complaint that they would look into the matter..


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Jan 20, 2004
The license provider MADRE took the case very seriously. Betzest will have 2 weeks for a responds.
Just to be clear: MADRE is the "designated ADR", MGA is the license provider.
MADRE arbitrates player complaints, they don't issue casino licenses.
The MGA does issue casino licenses and (occasionally) receives and handles player complaints.