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Dec 12, 2005
This is more of a sportsbook issue, but 1) there is no traffic in that forum and 2) this applies to casino users as well.

That said, I used the refer a friend to refer a couple random people from the internet to BetWWTS. I received the bonus, wagered it 1x in the sportsbook as required, won, and cashed out.

The next day I received this (read subject as well)

Ok, I send in the required documents.

Now I go to log into my account - does not work. I try 3x. I request password, does not respond and no email sent. I go on live chat and get:


They claim 24 hour responses, so I will keep the forums updated.
FWIW I recommended a few friends last week and got paid out fine. I think it might genuainely be a random check if your not pulling a fast one.

Most of them will require this unless you use methods such as Neteller, Instadebit or Moneybookers...

As long as the method offers 0 or minimum chargeback risk, they wont give a damn were you live.

Books, casinos and pokers usually verify your info through online services or credit card companies... when they dont get a match of the info you provided, they request you such docs.
BetWWTS is officially retarded.

I spoke to live chat. They said my account was inactivated until I sent in ID documents to validate it. The day before, Betwwts had emailed me a validation email. I sent the agent a URL to a screenshot of this. He said he still needed to email the agent who sent me the validation email and that I should contact them tomorrow.

This support is worse than partypoker. And that is saying a LOT.
ok, my first post here. :D

There are quite a number of sportsbooks out there with professional and timely response to new customers. Is it a must that you play with BetWWTS? Consider, if that's how they treat you when you want to deposit money, how much more when you are withdrawing money already?
Thank God I did not deposit. I am only trying to cash out a refer a friend bonus that I am entitled to.

Still no response to emails, account inactivated. I have wasted too much time with these jokers.

Avoid BetWWTS like the plague
why them in the first place?

i have never heard of them and would never trust them in the first place! Such a long delay for responding such a simple query is not acceptable! Agree with OddJack, I would change "horizons" quickly here!

PS. who are these fools?
BETWWTS is quite a high profile sportsbook - the flagship brand of the BETCORP - publicly traded firm in the UK with offices in Australia and Antigua. They must have mostly phone based business because their web site is just difficult to use.

There are lots of other responsive web sites out there with excellent customer service.
Still no response. Can't log into account.

Avoid BetWWTS !!!
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What a horribly run operation. Deposit / play there at your own risk!

* they issue my refer a friend bonuses
* I wager it all on an NFL game and win!
* I attempt to cashout
* CS is not helpful, emails not replied for a week
* My bonus and winnings are now being taken away!

"We have now completed the review on your account and reactivated it.
We have however removed the Refer a friend bonus that you were issued for XXXXX and XXXXXX. The customers wagered on the Monday madness promo and as per the terms you are not eligible for the bonus.
"This promo betting and/or deposit requirements cannot be used in conjunction with any other promo."
If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us.

It's not my fault they credited my account! Then they go and take my winnings.

Avoid BetWWTS at all costs!
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I did their free bet/ refer a friend and I had no problems. In fact, I placed the bet wrong at first and they canceled it so I could do it properly. I also accidently deposited what I meant to cash out; I believe they have a rule that you have to wager your deposits 1x before you can cash out. I told them about my mistake and I had no problems cashing out my winnings and my extra deposit.
I'm pretty sure BetWWTS has been absorbed by Bodog. I had some long term political bets with BetWWTS and now they show up in my Bodog account.

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