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What has not helped is employing CS staff that trot out canned replies to queries, all this does is make it look as though there is some kind of big conspiracy between a number of unrelated operators. With this bonus system, it seems some untrained CS staff are guessing, and giving out this guess as fact. What they say seems logical given that some software does indeed work like they stated, except the one they are supposed to be explaining does not, and as far as an experienced MG player is concerned, they are being fed a line of BS and being told it is fact, and that they are somehow "stupid" in insisting otherwise. When the "real" explanation emerges, a technical glitch, the player, lied to once before, believes CS/management have decided that the earlier brush-off didn't work, and now they are simply trying another.

At post #24 the OP says, "No less than three different Betway CSR emphatically state without equivocation that the bonus WRs can ONLY be cleared from the bonus balance. Such a position was fully confirmed by my actual playing experience."

This is not evidence of Casino mistakes, this is evidence of Casino policy.

Throw in the Prime Casino ground hog day and you now have a conga line of witless CSRs all singing from the same Hymn Book hopelessly out of tune with regards to the actual MG clearpay bonus clearing requirements.

The Betway-Gnuf connection is confirmed here:
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The peak affiliate representative body CAP have thrown out the welcome mat to Betway Casino in a glowing embrace irrespective of Betways sordid recent history both here, SBR and Punting Ace.

And as Betway are walking in the CAP front door 32RED are being kicked out the back door with the garbage as can be seen here:
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Just another day in the growing reputation of online gaming.


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