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Apr 13, 2017
In early Feb, my bank had questioned many duplicate charges of the merchant (in this case SWIFTVOUCHER). There were 11 in all, totaling $446. On March 2nd, my bank wrote me a letter providing responses from icheque and SWIFTVOUCHER (they payment processors for Betway) indicating that I in fact purchased and used these vouchers and they have fulfilled their obligation to me. My bank also says they are no longer investigating and I need to contact the merchant with further inquiries. So, in conclusion there were never any chargebacks processed. Fine, dandy, I'm not disputing these charges anyway.

Now, in late February, (weeks after these initial transactions were made and paid for/used) I continued purchasing vouchers and playing. On March 2nd, I processed a withdrawl request for $550. On March 8th, I received $104.00 in my bank account. I immediately questioned this and was told the difference of $446 was being deducted/confiscated due to these chargebacks. I immediately contacted my bank to ensure this amount wasn't being returned to me. They confirmed the file is closed and are no longer questioning these charges due to the responses from SWIFTVOUCHER (the merchant). Since then, every 24-48 hours for the past 6 weeks I have been going back and forth with Betway, providing proof from my bank, letters from icheque and SWIFTVOUCHER, etc. with promises they will resolve and always resulting in a communication saying my bank won't confirm with them and they don't have my funds. So who does? I am beyond frustrated with this situation and don't know what to do. I've tried to get them to escalate this to someone who can actually read and get the information needed to provide me with my total winnings. I might add...ALL the vouchers I purchased from them (thousands of dollars) have been paid for, never charged back or returned to me. How can they withhold now that I am requesting a cash out? Do I need to contact eCOBRA or the MGA?


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Jan 20, 2004

Max Drayman here, I handle the Complaints side of things at

I see you have posted here the contents of the PAB which you filed with us 18 minutes previously. I have to ask if you have you read the PAB FAQ? (see
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) The FAQ is necessary reading for all those who wish to use the PAB service. The FAQ tells you the scope of our service, what you can expect from us and -- also very important -- what we expect from you. If you don't understand and/or cooperate with the PAB process then your PAB will very likely fail. So please do read the FAQ asap.

In particular you'll see that the PAB instructs you NOT to post on our forums about your PAB issue until the PAB process has concluded. Ignoring this advice puts your PAB at risk of being discarded.

Please contact me at the email address given in the FAQ and tell me whether you want to continue posting OR you want me to work on your PAB. You can't have it both ways.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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