Betsson slot error


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Mar 5, 2014
the Netherlands
Hi there,

Last week (Sunday 2:45am), I played the Monopoly big event on my laptop. Game is not available on mobile version of bettson. I won some money, and I started to play the €30 big money game. Got the bonus and won €515. Really happy of course. But at the end of the game it gave an error. When I restarted the game it told me that I had an unfinished game. And it showed me the same game again.
I directly contacted live help. They would send it forward. Made screenshot and attached that to the message.
For myself I filmed it as well. Days went on and I contacted them every day for an update. Asked them where my money was. It was under investigation at the provider, was their answer. It could take 1 till 3 working days. That changed till 5. And now we are day 6. Every time the same response back. Yes we have to wait for the provider.

Is this normal? And does this take so long at other similar cases?
I am really unhappy with this and hope they will resolve this. It's my money!


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Aug 21, 2017
Sometimes it can take some time to provider get back to operator, usually should happen within whole week of business days. Wouldn't be worried as they telling that they are waiting reply. It sucks to wait, hope you they get back to you soon as possible.

From what you telling, it looks quite obvious unfinished gameround and getting winnings shouldn't be a problem once provider sort it out.