Betsson poker player problem


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Jun 21, 2012
Hey guys, on one russian forum i find a thread created by one russian guy, situation:
He is poker regular, playing NL20-NL50. On begin on January he deposited to betsson and start grinding playing 18tables. He used only HM1, HM2, and upto(programm that help multitablers). No bots, no any bad software, no multiaccounting. So, he played every day since begin of january, grind grind grind, he was on 2 or 3 place in rake race on betsson, its about 500-1000 euro in profit. Also he raked ~3000 , and he has 30% rakeback + bonus for deposit. He played 160k hands on microgaming poker on betsson site and win 1400 euros. So, 23january he was blocked, in live chat support doesnt tell him reason of ban.
So, i obviously contact player, ask him all details, and send PM to the betsson rep with question. He logged in with few minutes, read my pm, no answer. It was yesterday. Today i ask again, he again log in, read, no any answer.
So, did Bryan accept poker PABs? Did player can start PAB , or we should wait a bit for rep answer(can he answer even)? Any suggestions?

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