Roguish Betspin Casino not honoring e-wallet withdrawals


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Jan 28, 2016
But that is exactly the point. I couldnt disagree with you more. What this says to me is that the funds have to go back to the method from which the deposit that generated the withdrawal was made.

But thats not what they say, nor is it the way any UK based casino/bookmaker I know of, interpret them.
As an example, I made a £20 deposit with coral this afternoon. I won £340, went into a Coral branch this evening and withdrew £300 in cash.
Some bookmakers do the net deposit rule, but none, as far as I'm aware do what you do. Just to be clear though, I don't have a problem with you doing it how you do, as long as it doesn't cause problems like it has in this case.


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May 22, 2013
Unfortunately, it is very complex and the gaming regulations also refer to EU Money Laundering law in some situations but in essence the main regulation covering this is as follows

Section 37 of the Remote Gaming Regulations: Remission of Funds:

37. (1) A licensee must, at the request of the registered player
in whose name a player’s account is established, remit the funds
standing to the credit of the account to the player by no later than
five working days, if practicable, after receipt of the request.
(2) An amount may only be remitted by the licensee to the
player, to the same account from which the funds paid into the
player’s account originated.

Obviously in a situation where this cant happen then Money Laundering directives and legal interpretations come into play.

If anyone has serious insomnia then you can find the full set of regs here:

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And are the UKGC regulations identical to the MGA regulations ??

If they're not, then maybe some operators are using one set of regulations, be it UKGC or MGA for all customers.
Rather than UKGC regulations for UK customers and MGA for non-UK customers

I still see some sites (wrongly, AFAIK) sticking to the £2300 withdrawal threshold, before requesting KYC from UK customers, which is MGA, but not UKGC


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Jul 10, 2016
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Last Thursday I deposited at Betspin casino. I always deposit using one of two methods, either my E-wallet (Ecopayz) or Paysafe.

All previous deposits have been by these methods, and 100% of my withdrawals have been via my e-wallet. Last Thursday I was lucky enough to hit a nice win, tried to w/d to ecopayz.

This method was refused repeatedly, as they said I deposited by Paysafe this time, I would have to come up with another w/d method. I tried to contest this fact via the rep on here, whom I emailed one week ago, no reply.

I then asked Betspin for my transaction history to show that I use Ecopayz to withdraw, via chat and via email. To date this request has not even been replied to either and has certainly not been honored.

In the week since, I have gone full tilt and used up the $750 I was going to withdraw, but I don't feel that excuses the roguish behavior displayed by the casino.

Ecopayz is still even available as a w/d option to me, but they simply cancel the request when I submit it. Surely they shouldn't be allowed to deny a w/d method used previously, on several occasions.

All email communication with this casino is being ignored. The rep is non-responsive. The casino is non-responsive. Their actions are deplorable. It seems so many casinos these days will find any excuse to not pay or delay payment.

How can a casino act in this way and remain at 9.5 rating here?

Don't forget to send DNA too :p

You would have thought so!

Unfortunately this seems to be lacking across the board in general these days (not just rules n regs) last time I cam across "Common Sense" was sometime back in the early 80's!
Ahhh the good old 80's have always made sense to all.