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Betsafe Support Comedy Show

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Non-Bonus Issues' started by FranktheTank, Aug 11, 2015.

    Aug 11, 2015
  1. FranktheTank

    FranktheTank Banned User - violation of <a href="http://www.cas

    chef de service
    Hi Folks, i did not know where to place this, but its kind of a complaint anyways:

    I have deposited at bestafe via PSC and cashed out via Skrill well over 100 time in the last 2 years, i also was mid stakes reg(poker, paid at least 700 euros in rake/month)

    I decieded to gamble away a few bucks at slots yesterday and the fun started:

    Status: Connected
    Janis (Listening)

    Janis : Hi, my name is Janis.
    Janis: Good day, xxxxxxx
    xxxxxxx: Hi Janis, i requested a skrill withdrawl today, a few moments ago the money was back in my account, why?
    Janis: Let me check that for you, just a moment, please.
    xxxxxxxx: thanksxxxxxxxx

    : btw why dont i have insta cash outs anymore? when i withdrew via skrill in the past, the money was in my account instantly, even higher sums up to 500 euros
    Janis: We have arranged some ruling on the instant ones, sir. Very small amount happens instant of all withdrawals.
    xxxxxxxx: Sorry, i did not understand this
    xxxxxxxxxx: my english is bad sorry
    Janis: What I mean is that much less payouts are instant now.
    xxx: mine always happend instantly, could you cancel the 35 if it doesnt happen instantly pls
    xxxxxxxxx: if i have to wait ill wait for a larger sum, not for 35 euros
    Janis: I see now the reason why the previous was cancelled, sir.
    xxxxxxxxxx: why?
    Janis: It's due to our procedure update when depositing with paysafe card withdrawal has to be done to a verified bank account.
    xxxxxxxxxx: i was told that like 1,5 years ago, i complained and i got changed, i still got that email i think
    Janis: For that you would need to send us a bank statement or print screen of your internet banking showing your name and bank account number and request a withdrawal to method Bank transfer.
    xxxxxxxxx: i already have done that
    xxxxxxxxxx: im an old customer
    Janis: I understand, sir, however there can not be any changes to this, sir.
    xxxxxxxxxxx: i send you all my documents years ago
    xxxxxxxxxx: cancel the 35 now pls, and i deal with this via the mail support
    Janis: And you do not have any Bank accounts verified on your account. The primary account verification is done, however no bank accounts are verified, xxxxxxxx.
    xxxxxxxxxxx: i have cashed out via bank in the past
    xxxxxxxxxxxx: check it
    Janis: I have cancelled it.
    xxxxxxxxxxx: ok and and i cant cash out via skrill and you want another bank statement now, is this correct?
    Janis: I understand, sir, however the fact that withdrawals have previously been made to bank account - does not mean it has been verified, sir.
    xxxxxxxxxxxx: whatever i can send you another bank statement
    Janis: I'm very sorry that it's this frustrating however that is our current requirements from our licence issuer and the procedure can not be bypassed.
    xxxxxxxxxxxx: have the malta regulations changed recently, when?
    Janis: Yes a bank statement is needed - but you would also need to withdraw to the verified bank account.
    xxxxxxxx: no problem, its my bank account afer all, so icant withdrawl to skrill anymore? for what reason
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx: ?
    Janis: The current withdrawal can not be done to skrill. Once these funds are withdrawn to bank you can deposit via Skrill and withdraw back to Skrill again, sir.
    xxxxxxxxxxxx: so i can only use skrill if i deposit via skrill in the first place?
    xxxxxxxxxxxx: that kind of makes it pretty useless
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i will write a complaint via email, i have the feeling this is pretty senseless, you ask an old customer to send documents again, which he already provided, tell me about new regulations that dont exist, yeah have a nice day buddy
    Janis: The deposit would need to be over 100 EUR and fully wagered.
    xxxxxxxx: HAHAAHAH
    xxxxxxxx: yeah of course bro, do you have some more stories too share?
    Janis: I'm very sorry you feel that way and your complaint will most definitely will be reviewed and you will receive an answer on it.
    xxxxxxxx: im sure of that bye
    xxxxxxxxx: btw why can i deposit 10 bucks via skrill if you are telling the truth?
    xxxxxxxx: why is the min deposit via skrill listed as 10 euros? mhh?
    xxxxxxxn: Janis, why is the min deposit via skirll 10 euros according to your homepage?
    xxxxxxxAnd you ask me for 100?
    xxxxxxxxx: Pls go ahead and explain that, or get a supervisor right away
    Janis: I'm sorry but you mush have misunderstood what I wrote. I never said a minimum deposit would have to be made.
    xxxxxxxxx: Janis: The deposit would need to be over 100 EUR and fully wagered.
    xxxxxxxxxx: oh yes you just said exactly that
    Janis: Yes, but I do not say minimum deposit, as if you would make a minimum deposit - it wouldn't work.
    xxxxxxxxxxx: shall we try right now?
    xxxxxxxxxxx: get a supervisor pls
    Janis: I would be glad to explain myself and I'm sure we can work out the misunderstanding, sir. What exactly would be your question and I will make sure I answer it to you, Alexander.
    xxxxxxxxxxx: no we cant, i want to talk to a supervisor, malta has not changed any regulations and you deny a skrill withdrawl, unless i depoist over 100 euros with a full rollover, those are your exact words
    xxxxxxxxxxx: I have copyed and pasted this chat already, your supervisor will see this outrageous claims anyway
    xxxxxxxxxxx: oh and you will get your own casinomeister thread
    Janis: Please hold on, let me check for the availability, sir.
    Janis: I will transfer your chat to our management now, sir.
    xxxxxxxxxxxx: bye have fun with your 100 euros min depoits
    xxxxxxxxxxxx: can you transfere me now?
    Janis: Working on it, sir, just a moment.
    Petra has joined the chat.
    Petra: Hi xxxxxxxx, My name is Petra and I am a Team leader with Betsafe customer service.
    xxxxxxxxxxxx: Hi, i just had very bad experince with janis and his outrageous claims
    I copied an paste my chat with this epic moron janis here
    xxxxxxxxxxxx: I have copyed and pasted this chat already, your supervisor will see this outrageous claims anyway
    Petra: I can see that there is some confusion regarding the withdrawal method you have to use which I'm very sorry about.
    xxxxxxxxxx: he also claimed the mind deposit via skrill is over 100 euros
    Petra: I am very sorry about that, that was a miscommunication.
    xxxxxxxxxx: no it was not
    xxxxxxxxxx: he claimed exactly that
    xxxxxxxx: he also wants me to send my bank statement one more time, im an old veryfied customer
    Communication with the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
    Disconnection in 240 seconds.
    Connection resumed.
    xxxxxxxxxxx: still there?
    Communication with the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
    Disconnection in 240 seconds.
    Connection resumed.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx: hello?7
    Petra: Yes, the rules have changed slightly when it comes to which withdrawal option you can use when you have used paysafecard as a deposit method so now we do require customers who have used paysafecard to withdraw to their bank account. I am very sorry about this sudden change.
    Petra: It is also true that we require a bank statement for the bank account you make your withdrawal to.
    xxxxxxxxxx: Ok what about a mind deposit of "over 100 euros"
    Petra: I have looked though your history but unfortunately I cannot see that you have sent us that before.
    Petra: Did you perhaps send it via email and if so, do you remember approximately when you sent it?
    xxxxxxxxxxxx: ok fine, i can send you another one, what about his other claims?
    Petra: That is great, Alexander!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i dont now that was years ago, but i send it, otherwise you wouldnt have cashed me out via bank
    xxxxxxxxxxxx: and you have done that in the past
    Petra: Regarding the 100 eur, I will need to check about that, but like you also said earlier in the chat, the minimum deposit is €10.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: i know that, i just check the homepage pls go ahead and read our conversation, i have posted it in here, ill take the time till you have actutally read what he just wrote
    Petra: I have skimmed through your emails to us but unfortunately I cannot find that you sent us a bank statement previously so it would be perfect if you could upload one now, for the bank account use want to use.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i dont want to use my bank account at all acutally, i want to cash out via skrill, but if you refuse to pay me at all otherwise, i will send you another one and close the account afterward
    Petra: Yes, I can see what Janis wrote, and I am very sorry for that. I will look into it.
    xxxxxxxxxxx: its not your fault, lets get the skrill withdrawls working again and its fine, he was quit amusing actually
    Petra: I totally understand that it is confusing to know what method you have to withdraw to when you have used more than one method for depositing, but due to knew regulations we will need for you to make this next withdrawal back to your bank account.
    Petra: If you continue using Skrill for depositing you will of course then be able to withdraw to your Skrill account.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: i was told that like 2 years ago, the exact same text, i complained and i got changed, or i can play at 32 red they let me cash out via skrill after depositing via paysafe, if you prefere that
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: they have the same regulator by the way
    Petra: Of course I prefer that you stay here with us, Alexander, but we need to follow these new regulations. If it was possible I would prefer to process your withdrawal to Skrill, as this would be the easier option and also the option that you but my hands are tied in this situation.
    xxxxxxxx: who set these new regulations, that has to be intern at betsafe
    Petra: The basic regulation is set by MGA. I truly am sorry that this affects you in a negative way, if there was a way I could go around it I would.
    xxxxxxxxxxxx: So you might want to report your competitors, like Pokerstars,32 red and like every other company to them, because nobody requires that
    Petra: What I can do to help you out a little bit is to have your withdrawal processed as soon as your bank statement has been approved.
    xxxxxxxxx: this is not helping me out but common pratice isnt it?
    Petra: I can wait here in the chat while you upload it or else you can come back to us when it's done. Then I will have our security department check it right away.
    Alexander Alexander Amann: i wont provide anything today, i will get a new one tomorrow
    Petra: Alright, but do contact us when it's done so that we can speed up the process for you.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx: so you wont back down on the claim that MGA requires paysafecard deposits to be cashed out via bankwire
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx: for real?xxxxxx
    xxx: Because i will make a casinomeister thread about this hillarious encounter
    xxxxxxxxxxx: So?
    xxxxxxxxxx: im still waiting on an answere pls, do you still claim that MGA requires that paysafedeposits need to be cashed out via bank?
    Petra: MGA gives us certain regulations we have to follow, then we as company set our own rules due to security reasons.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx: Is that a yes?
    Petra: What i can do is to find out more information about this from our payments department and get back to you via email tomorrow. Will that be fine, Alexander?
    xxxxxxxxx: I tought you were sure of that?
    Petra: In the meantime I will help you with your withdrawal to bank as much as I can.
    xxxxxxxxxx: You just told me a balant lie
    xxxxxxxxxx: because that is not the case
    xxxxxxxxxx: they do not require that at all
    xxxxxxxxxx: and you are not supposed to tell anyone that they do, thats very close to fraud
    Petra: In order to get the exact information I will check about this and then get back to you tomorrow. I want to be sure that the information I give you is 100% correct so I will double check with out payments department.
    xxxxxxxxxxx: Ok go ahead, check that with your payments team
    xxxxxxxxxxxx: and ask them about 100 euro min skrill deposits while you are it, basically everthing the two of just worte is falt out wrong
    Petra: Like I explained, and what you also know is true. is that the minimum deposit with Skrill is €10. I am very sorry about that mistake.
    xxxxxxx: You just made an even bigger one, you seriously claimed that MGA requires paysafecard deposits to be cashed via bank
    Petra: I want to help you in the best way possible, so there won't be any misunderstandings, so I will get back to you tomorrow about this.
    Petra: Is there perhaps anything else I can help you with in the meantime?
    xxxxxxxxxxx: ok fine, but i will post this chat at casinomeister, so everyone can have a good laugh
    Petra: I am truly sorry that I couldn't help you with your withdrawal at this point, but I will get back to you tomorrow with more information.
    xxxxxxxxxx: Ok, i am truley sorry that i was lied to by you
    xxxxxxxxxx: even if you really shouldnt know that you told me complete and utter bs, its still bad
    Petra: We also have our own security rules that we want to follow to make your gaming experience with us as safe as possible so I apologize if the information I gave you wasn't clear, But I will sort that out so that you will get the exact information.
    xxxxxxxxxx: it was very clear you said it was an mga regulation
    Petra: Is there anything else I can help you with in the meantime?
    xxxxxxxxxx: i dont think so, you dont seem like you are too competent

    I got an email from their manager today, he was sorry and yadada and gave me a 15 euros free play for slots, and requested me to upload a screenshot of my skrill account, i did that, 3 times actually, because the rejected it over and over again, because they could not find the URL in the Screenshot(win 10 clearly visible, hq screen)

    xxxxxxx: i will i just uplodaed this
    xxxxxxxx: i was rejected because "you cant see an url"
    xxxxxxxx: you can see the url, the mail adress and account number
    xxxxxxxxx: fix that
    Chloe: That's perfect, but for security reasons you will need to upload this document directly onto your account
    Chloe: through the document uploader
    xxxxxxx: i have it was rejected
    xxxxxxxxx: thats what i just told you
    Chloe: You need to upload it on your account. And not via chat.
    xxxxxxxxx: i have uploaded it in my account, and it was reject because "you cant see an url" for the 3rd time now
    Chloe: I understand, but you should be able to upload it again on your account, with the url
    xxxxxxx: there is a url in it, its the same damn screenshot
    Chloe: I understand, but we do not handle these documents here. They have to be uploaded through your Betsafe account. I advise you to try and upload it again via your account.
    Chloe: And not through chat.
    Chloe: This is for security reasons and regulations.
    xxxxxxx: I have already send this exact screen shot, are you even listenig to mee
    xxxxxxxxx: they rejected it because they must be blind or stupid
    Chloe: Then I suggest you highlight the link, and send it again.
    xxxxxxx: wow
    Chloe: I'm really sorry, I understand this has to be very frustrating for you xxxxx but I do not handle documents and do not have the right even to open it. \
    xxxxxxx: i copy and paste this for your management, including the time you took to translate a script, blow threw the free play and thats it, that was the last straw, all of you are incompetent benoyd anthing i have ever seen
    Chloe: I was waiting for the agent you have spoken to last week to end his phone call to talk to him about what has happened. Your casino games have now been unblocked, and you need understand that we have security processes that we cannot breach.
    Chloe: I'm sorry for the delay and the inconvenience that this has caused you xxxxx
    xxxxxxxxx: they just rejected the same 1 secound time now haahah
    Chloe: Ok, let me see if I can try and sort this for you
    Chloe: Again, this might take some time, so if you want I can get back to you by email, unless you are willing to wait on chart
    Chloe: chat sorry
    xxxxxxxx: yeah take all the time you need to approve a simple screeshot
    Chloe: Again, the decision is not mine, but I'll try and see if I can sort this for you
    Chloe: Thanks for holding, I will need to escalate this chat with your document to the relevant department, explaining that there is a URL in the document. But I will need to close this chat in order to do this. No worries Alexander, I know this has be difficult on you, but I will do my best to sort this.
    xxxxxx: the relevant department should be fired if they cant see this url, all of them Chloe : Hi, my name is Chloe

    So in less than 24 hours, they have told me at a skrill min deposit is 100 euros, made false claims about MGA regulations, and were unable to find an URL an windows 10 screenshot-they also changed their cash out rules without any reason

    edit: it gets even better, i just got this

    Thank you for getting back to us.

    There is no camera in your office and this certainly was not a joke. Please accept my apologies for this trouble, we are doing our best to communicate all specifics of Windows 10 to the team and hopefully such misunderstanding will not happen again. I am glad to confirm that access to casino has now been restored and also a screenshot from your Skrill account approved by our Security Team.

    Your Betsafe account is fully ready to use.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us again should you have any other questions or comments.


    Eduard, Shiftleader Betsafe

    my account was ready to use for the past 2 years until yesterday, i dont know that is going on at this place, but be very careful if you are highrollin or playing poker there
  2. Aug 11, 2015
  3. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    If this is a complaint, please ensure that you have read our "no tolerance" policy. Your account may be in jeopardy at the moment.

    Also, most of us can't be bothered with reading a massive chat transcript. Get to the point - what is the problem? Don't waste our time. Thank you.
    5 people like this.
  4. Aug 11, 2015
  5. FranktheTank

    FranktheTank Banned User - violation of <a href="http://www.cas

    chef de service

    They made false claims about min deposits, MGA regualtions and were not able to find an URL on a Windows 10 Screenshot, they have no Rep here, so how could i contact one?
  6. Aug 11, 2015
  7. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Actually, I've just gotten though about half of that transcript and have come to the conclusion that you're acting like an asshole. Bye.

    Well, if you had read the rules you could have contacted one here:
    http://www.casinomeister.com/forums/member.php?u=26445 Betsson Group was logged in about an hour ago.

    But now it's too late. Go deal with their support and quit badgering and threatening them. Jerk.
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