Betsafe riddle. Someone playing these puzzles?


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I can not guess the first riddle.
"Forms of astrobiology, have often played a role in science fiction. Some say they lurk amongst us in the crowd. Are you one of them?"
I don't know what slot is this.
Not Aliens, Alien robots or Evoluton.

Need your help =)


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Stop searching through the slots today for the Betsafe Riddle
I just got this from support :

Since the campaign is officially going live at midnight the free spins, even when credited to your account, will become playable after 00:00 29th June.


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Don't play there so not really sure, but first game that comes to mind is
Fortune Teller.


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I am stuck at the very last - if I have this I'll post all the slots: "Warlock forces or mysterious tricks? The devilry voodoo that hexes these reels lie in the 1st and 5th."

Has anybody a clue?


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Found it - so the slots are:

1) Aliens (30 FS)
2) Dragons Myth (wager €50)
3) South Park Reel Chaos (30 FS)
4) Tower Quest (wager €100)
5) Dracula (50 FS)
6) Pimped (wager €250)
7) Magic Portals (100 FS)

Good luck and have a nice weekend.