Betsafe - betting office or rejecting office?


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Aug 10, 2005
I made a bet at Betsafe and a little bit later I made the same bet again with the same amount.
$560 on Reading-Aston Villa, Reading wins, the odds is 2.3
After my 2nd bet I got an email from them: have processed the under consideration part of the stake for the slip: " Thu 07-02-08 09:36"

Total accepted stake: $.00
Refunded stake: $560.00

The rejected part of your stake has been refunded your betting account.

I asked them, what is this? I got a reply:

Your first bet was automatically accepted but the amount over $560 went to manually approval. As we were in surewin with the market the remaining $560 was declined and our odds adjusted from from 2.30 to 2.25. From time to time we will take larger bets even in sure wins but for this case we only took the first $560. Note that your full bet was never accepted at any time so your are not looking at a refund case as you are saying.

On the website they clearly accepted my bet and later they simply rejected it, because they found out their odds is high.
They have the right to change their odds at any time, but it does not effect the already accepted bets.
These were my first 2 bets here and I feel even the last ones.
It appears that the Betsafe action was balanced on both sides of the match. The price changed in your favour, and they used a clause in their T&C to welsh on your wager.

Their was no rating for Betsafe @ SportsBookReview, this may be because the site is not an english language supported site?

Either way, 'your bet' was not 'safe' at 'BetSafe'.
Let's not mince words.

You chose Betsafe for one reason - and one reason only - you were attracted to them by their high headline odds.

You gave no thought to the safety of your bankroll - you didn't check for reviews on any of the quality betting sites ... you just wanted to get on at the highest odds.

Betsafe's response is not a good one - albieit techincally correct in that they never accepted the bet - and the fact that they manage their books so tightly is probably a reflection of the odds that they are having to offer in order to attract players.

Costa Rican books might be good for US based sports - but as far as European football goes they're too far from the action and they're pretty cagey about it.

They're not SCAM artists - but they're not a great betting place either.

Why bet online IF you're not going to get paid?
Choose a safe book and forgo the few extra rupies that the dodgy ones offer to tempt you !!
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I am still struggling with these rascals. When I make a bet they accept only $5 (five USD!!!) automatically. It's a joke.
The second problem is the withdrawal.
Fortunately I won. I wanted to request a withdrawal back to my Neteller, but I saw there is 1.5% fee. I never heard about such thing. I play with some other bookies, but no such fee. And in the rules section they do not mention it. So I do not accept. I wrote to the support and they told me, make a deposit from Moneybookers and you can request a withdrawal there and there is no fee. I did it, but they do not want to pay to Moneybookers, because I made most of my deposits from Neteller. What can I do now?
played a couple of times with betsafe and had never any problems. before u signed up, you should do some research on them as they are populary by limiting customers and not offering high stakes...!

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