betroyal support knows my password


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Mar 13, 2006
i know bet royal is scum but i created a account there about 5monts ago, last week i recieved a welcomeback mail with a 200% bonus upto 500.

i though why not take a little 100/200 sticky and tryed to login into my account, but my password dosnt works. the had no passwort recovery button so i asked live support and after a confirmation of my account details, HE TOLDS ME MY PASSWORT IN THE LIVECHAT....

I dont know if this is ok or normal for casinos but its scary, that a livechat support member is able to get my passwort.
If there's a way to change your password via the software, I really don't see an issue with it....just change it once you sign on...
Most companies

Have access to your password... as a matter of fact when you request service over the phone at most casinos, books or poker rooms they will request your password...

The strange thing is that Playtech Back Office software doesn´t allow the cs representative to see the password... mmmm weird...

Are you 100% sure he has your password? Maybe what he did was give you a partial password for you to change it when you logged in...

They can reset it.. but not look at your actual password

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