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Aug 5, 2004
I had been avoiding BetRoyal for a long time because of the slow payment issues they were having. Recently, I read somewhere that they had hired a good manager for the sportsbook, so I thought the casino might have improved too.

On January 10, I cashed out a total of 3505$. Since they only process 2000$ a week, I made two withdrawals : one of 1505$ and one of 2000$.

Tonight, I realized that the first withdrawal was four business days late, so I contacted support. This seemed to have an effect, because a few minutes later, part of my withdrawal was approved.

But look what the manager did : instead of approving the 2000$ chunk, he approved the smaller 1505$ chunk. I suppose that, since they were both made the same day, he felt he had a choice, so he chose the one that suited him. But what blows my mind is he apparently did not stop for a moment and think : 'Wait, what if I processed the bigger chunk first? That is certainly what my customer expects and, consequently, it might make him feel more inclined to come back'.

What is it with these operators and long term thinking? The concept of 'long-term' is at the very heart of their business, but they seem unable to apply it outside the gaming tables.

Another annoyance : after removing a 500$ bonus from my 1505$ amount (which was fine), he also returned 5$ to my casino account, only approving 1000$. 5$ happens to be less than the minimum withdrawal amount. Was that his idea of making a quick 5$?
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I was angry last night, but now things seem to have been fixed.
There is now 2000$ approved.

The money should reach my Neteller account soon.
Wow, I guess they have been improving a lot as they are notorious for their slow and non payment. 4 business days of delay is really not that much by BetRoyal standards, 3 months is. Let us know what happens and if you get paid - I consider you to be pretty lucky if you don't recieive any more hassle than that. Bob's your uncle.

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