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May 10, 2015

Yesterday I had a reload bonus offer from betrebels by email (100% bonus) with a code.
Paid in: Code did not work ...
I automatically got a 10% bonus that I did not want. I had finally used the code when I deposited.
I went to the chat and I was VERY rude reception. I should send screenshots of the bug, and so on, which I did.
This unfriendly person (Silvia) in the chat told me that I have to wait for an email answer and threw me out of the chat! Yeah, thrown out. I have always asked friendly (chat copies I have of course).
I had received a new code by email which also did not work (error message)!
And again I sent screenshots of the error message.
Today I have a new code by email, I have re-paid with it. And he did not work again. I just got a 33% bonus that I did not want either!

All in all, I have been chatting several times about this issue. This Silvia did not just offend and insult me. She was very, very naughty. I've NEVER experienced anything like that in a casino chat before. And I can not understand how such a person may work as a CSA !!!?!?!

(And yes, I have all chat transcriptions.)

And i think they don't like customers: Now i must wait for my withdrawal till monday because they don't can't add my 100% bonus manually ... omg
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